The Great Depression (book)

The Great Depression (book)

"The Great Depression" is the title of a book written by Canadian author Pierre Berton.

The period of time between the stock market crash of 1929 and the outbreak of war in 1939 had a terrible impact on the lives of all Canadians. The book, "The Great Depression" is a scalding indictment of the political leaders of the time, the police, the law and of big business. While successive governments at the Federal, Provincial and Municipal level squabbled over how to deal with the huge numbers of unemployed workers and who would pay for government works programs or “the dole”, tens of thousands of formerly middle class Canadians suffered in abject poverty while drought seared the western prairies and dust clouds blackened the sky. The entire decade became known in Canadian historical parlance as "the dirty thirties." At the nadir of the depression, half the wage earners nation wide were on some form of relief.

The book "The Great Depression" chronicles, through personal account and historical records, the events of the decade and the impact these events had on Canada and Canadian culture.

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Great Depression, an article about the event that inspired this book.

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