Tuzla massacre

Tuzla massacre

Infobox civilian attack
title=Tuzla Shelling

location=Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
target=City street
date=May 25, 1995
type=Artillery fire
perps=Army of Republika Srpska
motive=Ongoing campaign of terrorism against civilians during the Bosnian War

Tuzla massacre was one of many massacres committed by Serb military forces surrounding Bosnian towns, which took place during Bosnian War in the northeastern Bosnian city of Tuzla.

In the early evening hours of May 25, 1995, the Army of Republika Srpska shelled a gathering of young people in the part of the city kalled Kapija. Using a 130mm towed artillery piece positioned near the village of Panjik on Mt. Ozren some 25km west of Tuzla. 71 people were killed and more than 200 were wounded. All of the victims were civilians and the majority were between the ages of 18-25.

On May 28, Tuzla was again shelled from the same position.

War crime indictment

Novak Đukić, a former Bosnian Serb officer was arrested in Banja Luka on November 7 2007 in relation to the attack and has been transferred to Sarajevo where he was handed over to Bosnian State Attorney. At the time of the Tuzla massacre Đukić was the commander of the "Tactical Group Ozren" of the VRS.

The speech of Mayor of Tuzla

Gentlemen, On May 25th a terfying crime happened in Tuzla at 20,55 p.m. Karadzic's fascists hit the centre of the town where the youth of Tuzla are gathering and killed over 65 girls, boys and children. More than a hundred are wounded. The final number of the victims, has been increasing from hour to hour. Do not expect that I address you in a diplomatic language in this the most painful moment in the history of this town. Tonight parents of Tuzla were collecting parts of their children's bodies on the streets of Tuzla. Their children had left their homes a few hours earlier, with the belief in better future. You should know, that at this moment when the pain is all over Tuzla, there is not any dilemma any more - UN who should be the protector of the world peace and basic human values participated, with their non-acting, in this crime. To tolerate the crime in Bosnia for the last three years is nothing else but ignorant watching of our dying. If you( UN), after this terrible crime, stay silent again, if you(UN) after this do not act by using military force as the only legal force left to protect innocent people from Karadzic Serbs crimes - than without any doubt you were, are and stay on the side of the evil, darkness and fascism. You declared Tuzla and other besieged cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Safe Areas. You have worn out all diplomatic means. Innocent children and people are being killed continuously. For the sake of God and humanity use the force finally.

The Mayor of Tuzla Selim Beslagic, Tuzla May 25th 1995

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