Voyevoda (opera)

Voyevoda (opera)


The opera was composed between March 1867 and July 1868, and it received its first performance 11 February [OS January 30] 1869 at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. It was a benefit for Menshikova.

In the 1870s Tchaikovsky destroyed the manuscript full score of the opera, while recycling much of the first act in his The Oprichnik (1870–1872). The subject of "Voyevoda" was thus left available to his former pupil Anton Arensky to compose as the opera "A Dream on the Volga" in 1888. In Soviet times Tchaikovsky's opera "Voyevoda" was posthumously reconstructed from surviving orchestral and vocal parts and the composer's sketches.



*"Strings": Violins I, Violins II, Violas, Cellos, and Double Basses
*"Woodwinds": Piccolo, 2 Flutes, 2 Oboes, Cor Anglais, 2 Clarinets (B-flat & A), 2 Bassoons
*"Brass": 4 Horns (all in F), 2 Trumpets (B-flat), 3 Trombones, Tuba
*"Percussion": Timpani, Triangle, Cymbals, Bass Drum
*"Other": HarpSource: [http://www.tchaikovsky-research.net/ www.tchaikovsky-research.net]


"Time": The middle of the 17th century"Place": A large city on the Volga River


Act 1

:No.1 Chorus of Maidens & Scena:No.2 Mariya's Ballad & Duet:No.3 Scena:No.4 Bastryukov's Aria:No.5 Scena & Duet:No.6 Scena:No.7 Scena:No.8 Quartet & Scena:No.9 Finale

Act 2

:No.10 Introduction:No.11 Chorus of Servants:No.12 Bastryukov's Aria:No.13 Scena & Dubrovin's Aria:No.14 Entr'acte & Dances of the Chambermaids:No.15 Scena & Mariya's Song:No.16 Scena:No.17 Duet:No.18 Scena:No.19 Scena & Khorovod

Act 3

:No.20 Entr'acte:No.21 Scena & Dubrovin's Aria:No.22 Scena:No.23 Quartet:No.24 Scena:No.25 Duet:No.26 Scena & Quartet:No.27 Scena:No.28 Quintet :No.29 Scena & Chorus :No.30 Scena:No.31 Closing Scena

Source: [http://www.tchaikovsky-research.net/ www.tchaikovsky-research.net]

Derived works

*The "Entr'acte and Dances of the Chambermaids" from Act 2 were based on the "Characteristic Dances" for orchestra (1865), and were also arranged for piano duet by Tchaikovsky.
*Under the pseudonym "Cramer", Tchaikovsky composed a "Potpourri on themes from the opera The Voyevoda", for solo piano (1868).

imilarly named works

*Tchaikovsky's symphonic ballad in A minor, entitled "The Voyevoda", Op.78 (1891), is based on Alexander Pushkin's translation of Adam Mickiewicz's poem and thus is not related to the like-named opera in either the music or the underlying story.
*Rimsky-Korsakov's opera "Pan Wojewoda", set in Poland, likewise is not related to Ostrovsky's play.

elected recordings

*A complete recording of the opera has been issued on the Aquarius CD label, with Vladimir Kozhukhar conducting soloists with the Academic Grand Chorus of Central Television and All-Union Radio and the State Symphonic Orchestra of the USSR Ministry of culture.
*The lively overture has occasionally been performed and recorded. It is one of the few works of Tchaikovsky to be performed by Arturo Toscanini and the NBC Symphony Orchestra in a broadcast performance that was preserved on transcription discs. The overture was also included in Vox Records' complete recordings of Tchaikovsky's orchestral music, released on both LP and CD (with Dolby surround sound).

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* [http://tchaikovsky-research.org/en/Works/Operas/TH001/index.html The Voevoda]

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