Friends of Humanity

Friends of Humanity

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publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="Uncanny X-Men" #299 (1993)
creators=Scott Lobdell
Brandon Peterson
type=Terrorist/Hate group
owners=Graydon Creed (founder)
Donovan Zane (successor)
W. C. Taylor
cat=terrorist organizations
subcat=Marvel Comics
The Friends of Humanity are one of the many anti-mutant hate groups in the Marvel Universe. Notable anti-mutant activists such as one time presidential-hopeful Graydon Creed and the robotic Bastion were among its members. The organazion is based on and very similar to real life white supremacy organizations and groups like the Neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan.


Friends Of Humanity is a group started by Graydon Creed. He and his disciples have caused damage on many occasions, whenever there is a possibility to harm mutant rights, and bring back The Mutant Registration Act.

Groups inspired by or splintered from the Friends of Humanity include the survivalist Humanity's Last Stand, and the religious fundamentalist Church of Humanity.

Other versions

The Age of Apocalypse Friends of Humanity

After the fall of Apocalypse a group of humans joined together in an attempt to prevent the mutants to get control over their lives. It is strongly implied that they are responsible for the disappearance of Exodus, Iceman, Morph and Wild Child. As of now only Wild Child's fate was revealed.

Ultimate Friends of Humanity

Friends of Humanity appear in Ultimate X-Men, where they still hold anti-mutant sentiments, attacking a hospital because it offered support to mutant children living in poverty. Ironically, after the Friends are taken down, the leader himself is revealed to be a mutant (who was either unaware or in denial of his mutation) who almost defeats the X-Men, only to be stopped by Magician. Next, the Friends of Humanity are seen fighting with Morlock member Pyro, who is saved from them by Nightcrawler.

Other media

In the "X-Men" animated series, which ran on Fox from 1992-1998, the Friends of Humanity would debut in the second season. Former followers of Senator Kelly, they felt betrayed by his switch from anti-mutant to pro-mutant views, brought about by the X-Men saving his life. They would perform many hate crimes, and even frame mutants in some instances. Near the end of the season, the Friend of Humanity discovered (thanks to Wolverine) that their leader, Graydon Creed, was the son of Sabretooth, and they left him in disgust.

In the last season, the FOH returned, much larger and more powerful, preparing for a war with mutants. They were again stopped by the X-Men, and the local authorities arrested them, not for attacking mutants, but for blowing up a dam that had been caught in the crossfire.

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