Self-adhesive stamp

Self-adhesive stamp

A self-adhesive stamp is a postage stamp with a pressure sensitive adhesive that does not require moistening in order to adhere to paper. They are usually issued on a removable backing paper.

They were first issued by such tropical climates as Sierra Leone in February 1964cite web | title = Self-Adhesive Stamps | work = Preservation and Care of Philatelic Materials | publisher = American Philatelic Society | date = | url = | accessdate = 2008-07-06 ] and Tonga in April 1969 in an attempt to avoid the tendency of traditional water-activated stamps to stick together in humid conditions.cite web | last = Supinger | first = Rachel | title = Self-adhesive stamp revolution sweeps world | work = Refresher Course | publisher = Linn's Stamp News | url = | accessdate = 2008-07-06 ] They also made diecutting into fanciful and unique shapes easier.

The United States Postal Service's first foray into self-adhesive stamps was in 1974 with the 10-cent dove weathervane that soon became discoluored due to the instability of the adhesive. It was another 18 years before another such stamp was issued by the USPS. Stamp collectors criticized the format, as the rubber base adhesive used tended to progressively yellow the stamps. They also found them difficult to remove from covers, and to save in mint condition, though self-adhesives of recent years have improved in these respects. The British Post Office first issued self-adhesive stamps on October 19, 1993 with the introduction of books of 20 First Class stamps, later a 2nd class stamp was introduced, in later years other issues were produced in the self-adhesive format. Outside of the philatelic community, the stamps have been welcomed as more convenient; by 2002, virtually all new USPS stamps were issued as self-adhesives.

Artistamps have also been issued in a self-adhesive format.

Bas-relief method

Drawings have been made on the backing paper of a self-adhesive stamp for the purpose of creating a bas-relief on the surface. []

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