Crocodile Islands

Crocodile Islands

The Crocodile Islands are a group of islands belonging to the Northern Territory of Australia. They are located off the coast of Arnhem Land. One of the main islands in the group is Milingimbi Island, with other large islands including Mooroongga, Yabooma, Gananggaringur and Crocodile Islands. Smaller islands include Darbada, Boojiragi, Mardanaingura, Northwest Crocodile and Northeast Crocodile Islands, and North Crocodile Reef. They were discovered by the Dutch in the seventeenth century and named the Crocodils Eÿlandt. Several of the Crocodile Islands, with their associated mudflats, have been identified by BirdLife International as forming the Milingimbi Islands Important Bird Area (IBA) because they support large numbers of waders, or shorebirds.[1]


Access to the islands is restricted; before visiting, permission must be sought from the appropriate land council.

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Coordinates: 11°56′02″S 135°04′41″E / 11.934°S 135.078°E / -11.934; 135.078

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