Louis Nathaniel de Rothschild

Louis Nathaniel de Rothschild

Louis Nathaniel de Rothschild (German language: Louis Nathaniel Freiherr [German title|Freiherr] von Rothschild) was an Austrian baron from the famous Rothschild family. He was born in Vienna on March 5, 1882 and died by accident in Montego Bay, Jamaica on January 15, 1955.

He was the son of Albert Salomon von Rothschild. He owned a spectacular palace in Vienna, the Palais Rothschild, that housed an exquisite art collection and antiques. He was married to Clarice de Rothschild, née Montefiore. They had three children: Gloria, Edmund and Natalie, although the first one was adopted daughter of Louis and his much younger girlfriend, Gloria`s biological mother countess Anne de Krane.After Clarice`s death he married countess Hilda de Auersperg and lived in America and England. After the Anschluß of Austria to Nazi Germany in 1938, he was briefly arrested by the National Socialists because of his Jewish religion. The Nazis blackmailed and terrorised his family into giving up all their possessions for his freedom. They subsequently fled Austria, never to return.

All their possessions were plundered and subsequently "aryanised". The city-palace of the family was destroyed after the war. The baron never received most of his former belongings back, since most of the paintings were taken over by the Austrian state, which did not allow for the paintings to leave the country.


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