List of current Argentine senators

List of current Argentine senators

This is a list of current Argentine Senators - members of the Argentine Senate - arranged alphabetically by the province they represent.


Senate of Argentina
(as of January 2008) []
Party blocsSeatsParty blocsSeats
PJ Front for Victory
Radical Civic Union
Civic Coalition
Support for an Egalitarian Republic
Civic Front for Santiago
Civic and Social Front of Catamarca
San Luis Justicialist Party
Republican Force Tucumán
Plural Consensus
Alliance New Front
Neuquino People's Movement
New Party Corrientes
PJ Federalism and Freedom
Production and Labour
Justicialist for Dialogue with Argentines
Salta Renewal Party
Socialist Party

"72 members"

List of current Senators

* Appointed to replace Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner upon her election as President, has taken leave of absence as of 2008 to join government as junior minister
Appointed to replace Celso Jaque upon his election as governor
Appointed to replace Maurice Closs upon his election as governor
Appointed to fill seat vacant since August 2006 due to appointment of Alicia Kirchner as government minister
# Appointed to replace Ricardo Bussi following his resignation to become a state legislator

2005 election

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