Greyhawk literature

Greyhawk literature

The following books, poems, plays, music, and myths exist in the fictional "World of Greyhawk" campaign setting for the "Dungeons & Dragons" roleplaying game.


*"Acererak's Libram" by Acererak
*"Alterations of Tangibles and Intangibles" by Yagraxx
*"Alterations of the Intrinsic Absolutes" by Math
*"Ancient Cryptomancy" By Phandal
*"Annals of the Family Vordav"
*"Arcane Manipulations of the Entourage" by Otto
*"Arcane Puissance of the Memory" by Rary
*"Arcane Resistance of Dwarves and Halflings" by Serten
*"Architecture" by Leomund and Mordenkainen
*"Art of Coarse Anglin"
*"Art of Communications and Sigils" by Flamsterd
*"Astrology, Divinity, and Mankind" by Yestro Bilnigd
*"A Guide to the World of Greyhawk" by the Savant-Sage
*"A History"
*"An Honest Travellers Strange Tales of the South" by L. Marquel
*"An Inspection of the Nature of Oerth" by Jawan Sumbar
*"The Lost Spellbook of Rary the Traitor" by Rary
*"A Most Worshipful Guide to Benign Merikka"
*"A Rigorous and Complete Treastise on the Theoretical Applications of De-salinated Waters in the Production of Potions"
*"Secrets of Ye Skye Revealed" by Selvor the Elder
*"Strictures of Azharadin"
*"The Thrice Damned Tome of Anashelaq" by Anashelaq
*"Treatise on Mystical Rings" by Levalsa of Enstad
*"Understanding the Handiwork of Celestian" by Agath of Thrunch


*"Aestrella", by Otto
*"Ballad of the Sweaty Yeti"
*"Claws of Dragotha"
*"Expedition to the Barrier Peaks"
*"Fall of the Scarlet Brotherhood"
*"Forlorn Flowers of the Forest"
*"Oh Blinding Light"
*"Red Road to Rift Canyon"
*"Steadfast Heart"

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