Antonov An-72

Antonov An-72

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name= An-72 / An-74

caption= Antonov An-74T at Gostomel, Ukraine.
type= Military transport
manufacturer= Antonov
first flight= 22 December 1977
primary user= Aeroflot
more users=
number built= 200
unit cost=$17-20 million (2006)
developed from=
variants with their own articles= Antonov An-71

The Antonov An-72 (NATO reporting name "Coaler") is a transport aircraft developed in the former Soviet Union. It was designed as a STOL transport and intended as a replacement for the Antonov An-26, but variants have found success as commercial freighters.

Design and development

The An-72 first flew on 22 December 1977. Produced in tandem with the An-72, the Antonov An-74 variant adds the ability to operate in harsh weather conditions in polar regions. Other An-72 versions include the An-72S VIP transport and An-72P maritime patrol aircraft.

An unusual design feature of the An-72 and An-74 is the use of the Coandă effect to improve STOL performance, utilizing engine exhaust gases blown over the wing's upper surface to boost lift. The first flight was made in August 31, 1977, but it was only in the 1980s that production started. The power plant used is ZMKB Progress D36. The An-72 bears a resemblance to an earlier aircraft, the Boeing YC-14, which also used overwing engines and the Coandă effect.

The An-72 is often called "cheburashka" by Russians because with its large intake ducts located close to the fuselage, it resembles a popular animated creature in Russian cartoons.

Price for a new built An-74 in 2006 is quoted as being $17-20 million.Fact|date=January 2008


An-72 - Pre production aircraft. Two flying prototypes, one static test airframe and 8 pre-production machines.

An-72A - Main production version with increased fuselage length and wing span.

An-72AT - Specialist cargo-carrying version equipped to accommodate standard containers.

An-72S - Executive version with three cabins separated by bulkheads. Rear contains 24 armchairs.

An-74 - Arctic support version. Increased fuel capacity. Can be fitted with skis. Identified by observation blisters on fuselage sides and enlarged radome.

An-74MP - Marine Patrol version. Can transport 44 soldiers, 22 para-troops, 16 stretchers with medical staff, or 10 tonnes of cargo.


Civil operators

In August 2006 a total of 51 Antonov An-72 and Antonov An-74 aircraft remain in airline service. Major operators include Badr Airlines (3), Air Armenia (3), Enimex (5), Gazpromavia (12), and Shar Ink (8). Some 17 other airlines operate smaller numbers of the type. [Flight International, 3-9 October 2006]

*Air Armenia;EST
*Badr Airlines

Military Operators

*Egyptian Air Force - 3(6 more on order);GEO
*Georgian Air Force;IRN
*IRGC AF - 12 (An-74TK-200);MDA
*Moldovan Air Force - 2;RUS
*Russian Air Force;UKR
*Ukrainian Air Force - 26

pecifications (An-72P)

aircraft specifications

plane or copter?=plane
jet or prop?=jet

capacity=32-68 passengers
length main=26.58 m
length alt=87 ft 2 in
span main=25.83 m
span alt=84 ft 9 in
height main=8.24 m
height alt=27 ft 0 in
area main=98.62 m²
area alt=1,062 ft²
empty weight main=7,500 kg
empty weight alt=16,500 lb
loaded weight main=19,050 kg
loaded weight alt=42,000 lb
max takeoff weight main=33,000 kg
max takeoff weight alt=72,750 lb

engine (jet)=Lotarev D-36
type of jet=turbofans
number of jets=2
thrust main=63.7 kN
thrust alt=14,300 lbf

max speed main=705 km/h
max speed alt=380 knots, 440 mph
cruise speed main=600 km/h
cruise speed alt=320 knots, 370 mph
cruise speed more=at 10,000 m (33,000 ft)
range main=4,800 km
range alt=2,980 mi
ceiling main=11,800 m
ceiling alt=38,700 ft
climb rate main=
climb rate alt=
loading main=
loading alt=

guns=1× 23 mm (0.905 in) gun pod
rockets=1× UB-32M rocket launcher under each wing
bombs=4× 100 kg (220 lb) bombs carried internally

ee also

* Antonov An-71

similar aircraft=
* Boeing YC-14

sequence= An-24 - An-38 - An-70 - An-71 - An-72 - An-74 - An-88 - An-124 - An-225

* List of military aircraft of the Soviet Union and the CIS

see also=
* Coandă effect


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