Nicholl's Toadlet

Nicholl's Toadlet

Taxobox | name = Nicholls' Toadlet
status = LC | status_system = IUCN3.1

regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Amphibia
ordo = Anura
familia = Myobatrachidae
genus = Metacrinia
species = "M. nichollsi"
binomial = "Metacrinia nichollsi"
binomial_authority = Parker, 1940

range_map_caption = Range of the Nicholls' Toadlet

Nicholls' Toadlet ("Metacrinia nichollsi") is a species of Australian frog native to the south-western regions of Western Australia, occurring between Dunsborough and Albany. It is the only species in the genus "Metacrinia".

Physical description

Nicholls' Toadlet is a squat frog with short limbs and reaches 25 mm in length. The dorsal colouration is very dark brown or black occasionally with pink flecks. The ventral surface is grey, dark blue or black with white marbling. There are yellow or orange markings at the base of each arm and on the underside of the thighs and lower belly. The skin on the dorsum is warty and the belly is granular. The tympanum is visible and the fingers and toes are free of webbing.

Ecology and behaviour

This species is found amongst leaf litter, under stones and logs in Karri and Jarrah forests. Breeding occurs in late summer with most activity after rain. The males make a short "ark" similar to that of species in the "Pseudophryne" genus. 25 - 30 eggs are laid in damp ground cover where they develop directly without a larval stage.

imilar species

Nicholls' Toadlet may be confused with Guenther’s Toadlet ("Pseudophryne guentheri"). It can be distinguished by the orange ventral markings.


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