An (Chinese name)

An (Chinese name)

The surname An (zh-cp |c=安 |p=Ān), literally means "peace" or "tranquility", also serves as an abbreviation of Anxi (Ch: 安息), meaning Parthia in ancient Chinese; Anxi is a transcription of "Arsaces", the founder of the Arsacid Dynasty of Iranian Parthia. Most Parthian visitors to China took the name An to indicate their origin.

People with the name An

* An Shih Kao, the first Buddhist missionary to China
* An Hsuan, who followed An Shih Kao to Luoyang several decades later
* An Lushan, a provincial military governor during the Tang dynasty
* An Yangfeng, a Chinese Woman International Master-titled chess player
* An GuoJun, an Oracle Bone Script Calligraphy Scholar from Henan, China living in Taiwan
* An YiQiong, an master in the University of Bristol from China, was one among the first 46 Chinese students participating in the China/UK internship programme sponsored by UK and China governments

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