HMAS Tamworth (J191)

HMAS Tamworth (J191)

HMAS "Tamworth" (J191/B250/A124), named for the city of Tamworth, New South Wales, was one of 60 "Bathurst" class corvettes constructed during World War II and one of 20 built on Admiralty order but manned by personnel of and later commissioned into the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).cite web |url= |title=HMAS Tamworth |accessdate=2008-09-15 |publisher=Sea Power Centre Australia] "Tamworth" later saw service in the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNN) and in the Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL).


"Tamworth" was laid down by Walkers Limited at Maryborough, Queensland on 25 August 1941. She was launched on 14 March 1942 by Mrs. A. M. Horsburgh, the wife of one of the shipyard's directors, and commissioned on 8 August 1942.

Operational history

From February 1943 until January 1945, "Tamworth" was assigned to the British Eastern Fleet. Following this, she was deployed with the British Pacific Fleet. "Tamworth" returned to Australian operational control on 28 September 1945, and after a brief period of service as a training vessel in Australian waters was transferred to the Royal Netherlands Navy on 30 April 1946.

In RNN serivce, the ship operated under the name HNLMS "Tidore", and served until December 1949.

Following this, the ship was transferred to the Indonesian Navy, renamed KRI "Pati Unus", and served until disposal in 1969.


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