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*Ren Jianhui, contemporary Chinese artist
*Ren Ōsugi, a Japanese actor
*MC Ren, rapper from the group NWA
*Ren Zhengfei, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd

Fictional characters

*Ren (Tsukihime), a character from the game "Kagetsu Tohya" and "Melty Blood: Re-ACT"
*Ren, heroine of "DearS", whose full name is "Ren Ren Ren Nagusaran Renshia Rurunnren Nakora"
*Ren Höek, a character on the cartoon "Ren and Stimpy"
*Ren, son of Primus, main protagonist of the animated series "The Pirates of Dark Water"
*Ren Stevens, a character from "Even Stevens"
*Tao Ren (Len Tao), a character in "Shaman King"
*Ren Sohma, the mother of Akito Sohma in the manga "Fruits Basket"
*Ren Tsuruga, character in the manga "Skip Beat"
*Ren Gottlieb, a character from the Australian soap "Neighbours"
*Ren McCormick is the main character from the movie "Footloose"
*Ren, a character from "Shenmue II"
*Ren Honjo, a character from the manga, anime, and film "NANA"
*Ren Kosaka, main character from the 2008 Japanese tokusatsu television series, "Engine Sentai Go-onger"
*Kagamine Len (also spelled Ren) from VOCALOID 2.


*Ren, a part of the soul in Egyptian mythology
*The Confucian concept "Ren" (仁), see Confucianism


*Ringer equivalence number, a somewhat arbitrary number which denotes the loading a telephone ringer has on the line
* Ren, the abbreviation for the orchid genus "Renanthera"


*Ren, in anatomy, a kidney
*Ren (command), a shell command
*Ren County, in Hebei, China

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