Weapon X (Exiles)

Weapon X (Exiles)

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Mike McKone
Kane Deadpool
Iron Man
Ms. Marvel
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Weapon X is a team of comic book anti-heroes created by Judd Winick for the comic book "Exiles". Like the Exiles, Weapon X is composed by a number of superhumans removed from their native timelines and forced to correct problems in various timelines of the multiverse. Unlike the Exiles, Weapon X is formed by ruthless individuals who seek to accomplish their missions regardless of the moral cost of their actions.


Weapon X was formed by the Timebreakers in order to correct timelines by performing acts such as assassinations, massacres and assaults on innocents and heroes, as these acts were supposed to lead to the timelines in question being corrected. Despite the moral dilemma posed by their missions, the members of Weapon X did little to question or circumvent the assignments they received.

The team was originally composed by Sabretooth of the Age of Apocalypse, Garrison Kane of Earth-3031, Deadpool of Earth-5021, Mesmero of Earth-653, Wolverine of Earth-172, and Maverick of Earth-1287. The six members found themselves before the Timebroker and a keg of beer aboard a raft in the middle of an endless ocean. As the six had been involved with the Weapon X Program in their native timelines, they all agreed to name the team Weapon X.

Weapon X suffered the losses of Wolverine, Mesmero and Maverick, the latter killed by a version of Captain America, leaving only Sabretooth, Kane and Deadpool to continue the missions. They ignored the existence of the Exiles until they saw them in a timeline in which they were charged with capturing the Hulk.

Following this mission, the fallen Weapon X members were replaced by a second wave of replacements: Daredevil of Earth-181, She-Hulk of a reality in which she was a mob bookkeeper, and Storm of Earth-23895. At some point, Daredevil was removed from the team and replaced with the Spider (Spider-Man of Earth-15). Later, Kane was killed and replaced with Vision of Earth-10101.

The team was sent to another alternate reality similar to the Days of Future Past, in which they met with the Exiles. Together, the two teams destroyed a Sentinel death camp and rescued the children captured there. However, Weapon X and the Exiles fought after Sabretooth received the mission to kill David Richards (son of Rachel Summers and Franklin Richards), who was destined to become the world's most terrible supervillain. Sabretooth opposed his teammates and allied with the Exiles, snapping Deadpool's neck in the process. Deadpool was then replaced by Iron Man of Earth-2020. Weapon X was defeated and Sabretooth agreed to stay behind to raise David Richards to be a good man and a responsible hero.

Sabretooth was replaced by Gambit of Earth-371, who received the Tallus and became their new leader. At some point, Iron Man was replaced by Archangel of Earth-714. Weapon X was sent to a reality in which Iron Man had become the fascist monarch of Earth and in which Weapon X was charged with helping Stark to destroy Attilan and capture all the Inhumans. In the process, Hulk was sucked into the Negative Zone, which prompted her replacement with Colossus of Earth-1917, though this version of Colossus did not share the ruthlessness of his fellow Weapon X teammates. Weapon X was successful in leading the invasion of Attilan, though they found that the Inhumans had committed mass suicide. Weapon X was teleported to their next destination, ignoring that their mission would lead to the assassination of Stark and the salvation of that Earth.

Later on, Archangel was, supposedly, sent to his home reality and replaced with Ms. Marvel of Earth-4732. Following Ms. Marvel's appearance, Storm was mortally wounded in a reality in which Weapon X was meant to stop Bruce Banner—who was killed by Ms. Marvel, much to Gambit's disapproval. Weapon X was teleported to a new reality in which they met Storm's replacement, Hyperion of Earth-4023.

The team's new mission was to wipe out the remaining mutant population of the planet. Hyperion, however, planned on becoming stuck in the reality by preventing the mission from being fulfilled, thus giving him a chance to become the undisputed ruler. In his own reality, Hyperion had destroyed every superhuman and alien, though he was the sole inhabitant of an Earth completely devastated by nuclear bombs.

Hyperion met opposition from Vision, who was blindly loyal to Weapon X's mission, for which he was disabled. Ms. Marvel and Spider joined Hyperion as their shared his ambitions, while Gambit and Colossus, tired of the constant killings, did not want to go along with the elimination of the reality's mutants, as they included Storm and Shadowcat. However, Earth was doomed to suffer an asteroid collision, courtesy of Magneto, for which Hyperion accepted to complete the mission in order to move on to another reality. Colossus and Shadowcat tried to escape, but ended up sucked into space and died, while Vision was destroyed alongside the planet. They were replaced by a Hulk of Earth-873 and an unnamed reality's Firestar, who were sent to ensure the fulfillment of the mission, but also to deal with Hyperion. The extermination of the mutants was completed when the reality's Storm was mercy-killed by Gambit.

For various missions, Gambit, aided by Firestar and Hulk, tricked Hyperion, Ms. Marvel and Spider into completing their missions, until Weapon X was sent to a new reality, in which they received no mission. Hyperion realized he was being deceived and ripped off Gambit's arm in order to obtain the Tallus. However, the Tallus reappeared on Gambit's other arm. Gambit escaped and Hyperion quickly took over New York City, killing the Fantastic Five, the original X-Men and some Avengers in the process. Hulk and Firestar, as always opposed to Hyperion, were incapacitated.

Weapon X was finally disbanded when the Exiles arrived and both Blink and Gambit received the mission: Weapon X and the Exiles were meant to fight to the death until only six remained. Magik, and Hulk were killed by Hyperion, while Firestar killed the Spider, immolating herself in the process. Ms. Marvel was killed in battle with Morph and finally, Hyperion was killed thanks to Gambit's sacrifice. Instead of six survivors, there were only five: Blink, Mimic, Morph, Sasquatch and Nocturne.

The Exiles wouldn't meet any member of Weapon X until their visit to the Panoptichron, in which they saw all former members of Exiles and Weapon X placed in stasis in one of the galleries of the Crystal Palace. After the Exiles contained the threat of Proteus they went about returning the bodies of the deceased to their native homeworlds, including all former Weapon X members, for proper burials.


Founding members

*Kane (Garrison Kane) (Earth-3031) ["Exiles" #5] - Killed by Namor and replaced with the Vision ["Exiles" #12] . Body was sent to his home dimension ["Exiles" #83] .
*Deadpool (Wade Wilson) (Earth-5021) ["Exiles" #5] - He was first "killed" by Sabretooth who snapped his neck ["Exiles" #13] . He was killed in the Crystal Palace by She-Hulk ["Exiles" #68] . His body was not sent home.
*Sabretooth (Victor Creed) (Age of Apocalypse/Earth-295) ["Exiles" #5] - Stayed behind on a world ruled by Sentinels ["Exiles" #13] ; He is from the same reality as Blink; former leader of Weapon X. Joined the Exiles ["Exiles" #59] .
*Mesmero (Vincent) (Earth-653) ["Exiles" #62] - He was killed off panel ["Exiles" #5] and later confirmed dead ["Exiles" #68] . He wasn't immediately replaced. His body was sent to his home dimension ["Exiles" #83] .
*Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett) (Earth-172) ["Exiles" #62] - He was killed off panel ["Exiles" #5] and later confirmed dead ["Exiles" #68] . He wasn't immediately replaced. His body was later sent home ["Exiles" #83] . On his homeworld he was romantically involved with Mariko Yashida.
*Maverick (Christoph David Nord) (Earth-1287) ["Exiles" #62] - He was killed off panel ["Exiles" #5] when he was impaled by a razor-pointed throwing shield from Captain America. He wasn't immediately replaced. His body was sent home ["Exiles" #83] where he was revealed to be one of Nick Fury's best agent.


*Daredevil (Matthew Michael Murdock) (Earth-181) ["Exiles" #62] . Taken off the team off panel ["Exiles" #6] and later confirmed dead ["Exiles" #68] . He was sent home alive ["Exiles" #83] . He is one of the Kingpin's agents.
*Hulk (Jennifer Sue Walters) (Earth-1029) ["Exiles" #12] . - She was pulled in the Negative Zone ["Exiles" #24] but was actually in statis in the Panoptichron; sided with the Exiles during the battle with Deadpool, killed him and was sent home ["Exiles" #68] .
*Storm (Ororo Munroe) (Earth-23895) ["Exiles" #12] . Killed during a mission to stop an alternate Bruce Banner ["Exiles" #38] ; was replaced by Hyperion. Sent home for burial< in Exiles #83.
*Spider (Peter Parker) (Earth-15) ["Exiles" #12] - Daredevil's replacement; Killed by Firestar with a mega-blast from her powers ["Exiles" #44] . Sent home for burial ["Exiles" #83] .
*Vision (Earth-10101) ["Exiles" #12] - Kane's replacement; Destroyed when an alternate reality was devastated ["Exiles" #40] . Sent home for burial ["Exiles" #83] .
*Iron Man (Anthony Stark) (Earth-2020) ["Exiles" #13] - Replaced Deadpool. Was sent to the Crystal Palace and replaced off-panel. He was in stasis in the Panoptichron's Crystal Palace showing stable life-signs. Sent home alive, without armor ["Exiles" #83] .
*Gambit (Remy LeBeau) (Earth-371) ["Exiles" #23] - Sabretooth's replacement; He replaced Sabretooth as the team leader and wore the Tallus. Sacrificed himself to kill Hyperion with Magik sword's charged with kinetic energy ["Exiles" #45] . Sent home for burial ["Exiles" #83] .
*Archangel (Warren Kenneth Worthington III) (Earth-714) ["Exiles" #23] - Iron Man's replacement; He was replaced off-panel. Was in stasis showing stable life-signs in the Panoptichron. Sent home and returned to his mercenary work ["Exiles" #83] .
*Colossus (Piotr Nicoleivitch Rasputin) (Earth-1917) ["Exiles" #24] - Replaced Hulk (Jennifer Walters). Died when he ran out of oxygen after being blasted into the vacuum of space by Hyperion ["Exiles" #40] . Sent home for burial ["Exiles" #83] .
*Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) (Earth-4732) ["Exiles" #38] - Archangel's replacement; Killed in battle with Morph ["Exiles" #45] . Sent home for burial ["Exiles" #83] .
*Hyperion (Zhib Ran) (Earth-4023) ["Exiles" #38] 0 Replaced Storm. Questioned the Timebroker's motive and decided to rule Earths' instead of fulfilling the team's missions. Was first "killed" by Gambit and the Exiles ["Exiles" #45] ; ended up in the Crystal Palace where he escaped and started playing with the Exiles including replacing Heather by Sabretooth and Beak with Holocaust; was sent back to his reality where Earth was devastated by the nuclear war ["Exiles" #63] by alternate versions of himself, one of which was from Squadron Supreme.
*Hulk (Robert Bruce Banner) (Earth-873) ["Exiles" #40] - Replaced Colossus, was there to kill Hyperion and failed. Killed by Hyperion ["Exiles" #40] . Sent home for burial ["Exiles" #83] .
*Firestar (Angelica Jones) (Earth-3062) ["Exiles" #40] - Replaced Vision, was there to kill Hyperion and failed. Killed in the backlash of her own powers while killing the Spider ["Exiles" #44] . Was not sent home for burial, possibly because she cremated herself.


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