List of marine reptiles

List of marine reptiles

Following is a list of marine reptiles, reptiles which are adapted to life in a marine environment.


The following marine reptiles are species which are currently or recently extant.


:American Crocodile:Saltwater Crocodile


:Marine Iguana

Sea snakes

:*"Aipysurus"::"Aipysurus eydouxii" (Spine-tailed Sea Snake)::"Aipysurus laevis" (Olive sea snake):*"Astrotia stokesii" (Stoke's Sea Snake):*"Disteira"::"Disteira major" (Olive-headed or greater Sea Snake)::"Disteira nigrocincta"::"Disteira walli" (Wall's Sea Snake):*"Enhydrina schistosa" (Beaked Sea Snake, hook-nosed Sea Snake, common Sea Snake, Valakadyn Sea Snake):*"Hydrophis::"Hydrophis belcheri" (Faint-banded Sea Snake, Belcher's Sea Snake)::"Hydrophis bituberculatus" (Peters' Sea Snake)::"Hydrophis brooki"::"Hydrophis caerulescens" (Dwarf Sea Snake)::"Hydrophis cyanocinctus" (Annulated Sea Snake, blue-banded Sea Snake)::"Hydrophis fasciatus" (Striped Sea Snake)::"Hydrophis inornatus" (Plain Sea Snake)::"Hydrophis klossi" (Kloss' Sea Snake)::"Hydrophis lapemoides" (Persian Gulf Sea Snake)::"Hydrophis mammilaris" (Bombay Sea Snake)::"Hydrophis melanocephalus" (Slender-necked Sea Snake)::"Hydrophis obscurus" (Russell's Sea Snake)::"Hydrophis ornatus" (Ornate Reef Sea Snake)::"Hydrophis semperi" (Garman's Sea Snake)::"Hydrophis spiralis" (Yellow Sea Snake)::"Hydrophis stricticollis" (Collared Sea Snake):*"Kerilia jerdonii" (Jerdon's Sea Snake):*"Kolpophis annandalei" (Bighead Sea Snake):*"Lapemis"::"Lapemis curtus" (Shaw's Sea Snake)::"Lapemis hardwickii" (Hardwicke's spine-bellied Sea Snake):*"Laticauda"::"Laticauda colubrina" (Colubrine sea krait, yellow-lipped sea krait)::"Laticauda laticaudata" (Blue-lipped sea krait):*"Microcephalophis"::"Microcephalophis cantoris"::"Microcephalophis gracilis" (Graceful small-headed Sea Snake, slender Sea Snake):*"Pelamis platurus" (Yellowbelly Sea Snake, Pelagic Sea Snake):*"Thalassophina"::"Thalassophina viperina"::"Thalassophis anomalus" (Anomalous Sea Snake)

Sea turtles

:Flatback Turtle:Green sea turtle:Hawksbill turtle:Kemp's Ridley:Leatherback Sea Turtle:Loggerhead Sea Turtle:Olive Ridley:Ridley sea turtle


From the Permian to the present day there has been numerous groups of extinct reptiles that have adapted to life in the marine realm:


*Mesosauridae: Early Permian:"Stereosternum":"Mesosaurus"


*Aigialosauridae: Late Cretaceous

*Dolichosauridae: Late Cretaceous:"Adriosaurus":"Dolichosaurus":"Judeasaurus"

*"Kaganaias": Late Cretaceous

*Mosasaurs: Late Cretaceous:*Mosasaurinae::"Carinodens"::"Clidastes"::"Dallasaurus"::"Globidens"::"Mosasaurus"::"Plotosaurus"::"Prognathodon":*Halisaurinae::"Eonatator"::"Halisaurus":*Tylosaurinae::"Hainosaurus"::"Tylosaurus"::"Taniwhasaurus":*Plioplatecarpinae::"Platecarpus"::"Plioplatecarpus"::"Selmasaurus"


*"Dinocephalosaurus": Middle Triassic


*Placodonts: Triassic::"Cyamodus"::"Henodus"::"Paraplacodus"::"Placochelys"::"Placodus"::"Psephoderma"

*Nothosaurs: Triassic::"Lariosaurus"::"Nothosaurus"

*Pachypleurosaurs: Triassic::"Anarosaurus"::"Dactylosaurus"::"Keichousaurus"::"Neuticosaurus"

*"Pistosaurus":Middle Triassic

*Plesiosaurs: Early Jurassic - Late Cretaceous:*"Plesiosaurus":*Cimoliasauridae:*Cryptoclididae::"Cryptoclidus"::"Microcleidus"::"Muraenosaurus":*Elasmosauridae::"Elasmosaurus"::"Futabasaurus"::"Hydrotherosaurus"::"Libonectes"::"Mauisaurus"::"Thalassomedon":*Polycotylidae::"Dolichorhynchops"::"Edgarosaurus"::"Manemergus"::"Sulcusuchus"::"Thililua"::"Trinacromerum"

*Pliosaurs: Early Jurassic - Late Cretaceous::"Kronosaurus"::"Liopleurodon"::"Macroplata"::"Peloneustes"::"Rhomaleosaurus"::"Umoonasaurus"


*Thalattosuchia: Early Jurassic - Early Cretaceous:*Metriorhynchidae::"Aggiosaurus"::"Dakosaurus"::"Enaliosuchus"::"Geosaurus"::"Metriorhynchus"::"Neustosaurus"::"Purranisaurus"::"Teleidosaurus":*Teleosauridae::"Machimosaurus"::"Pelagosaurus"::"Platysuchus"::"Teleosaurus"::"Steneosaurus"

Sea turtles


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