Twisted may refer to:


* Twisted Records (UK), a UK-based record label specializing in psychedelic trance
* Twisted Records (US), an American electronic music record label

* "Twisted" (Del Amitri album)
* "Twisted" (Hallucinogen album), a 1995 goa trance album by Hallucinogen
* "Twisted", a 1960 jazz song by Lambert, Hendricks & Ross
** "Twisted", a cover of the same song, on Joni Mitchell's album "Court and Spark"
** "Twisted", a cover of the same song, on the album "Bette Midler"
* "Twisted", a song by Avail from their 1992 album "Satiate"
* "Twisted" (Brian McFadden song)
* "Twisted" (song), by Keith Sweat
* "Twisted", a 2007 country song by Carrie Underwood from her album "Carnival Ride"


* "Twisted" (film), any of several films with that title

Other uses

* Twisted (software), an event-driven networking framework written in Python
* "Twisted" (Voyager episode), a season two "Star Trek: Voyager" episode
* "", a 2005 game for the Game Boy Advance
* "Twisted" (novel), by Laurie Halse Anderson
* "Twisted" (book), a short story collection by crime writer Jeffery Deaver
** "More Twisted", a second short story collection by Deaver
* Creme Egg Twisted, a chocolate bar
* "", a 3DO game

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