Dahlen, Saxony

Dahlen, Saxony
Coat of arms of Dahlen
Dahlen is located in Germany
Coordinates 51°22′N 13°0′E / 51.36667°N 13°E / 51.36667; 13Coordinates: 51°22′N 13°0′E / 51.36667°N 13°E / 51.36667; 13
Country Germany
State Saxony
Admin. region Leipzig
District Nordsachsen
Town subdivisions 10
Mayor Matthias Löwe (CDU)
Basic statistics
Area 71.68 km2 (27.68 sq mi)
Elevation 158 m  (518 ft)
Population 4,642 (31 December 2010)[1]
 - Density 65 /km2 (168 /sq mi)
Other information
Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Licence plate TDO
Postal code 04774
Area code 034361
Website www.dahlen.de

Dahlen is a town in the district Nordsachsen, in the Free State of Saxony, Germany.



The town is the gateway to the Dahlener Forest. The neighbouring towns are Wermsdorf (11 km), Oschatz (12 km) and Torgau. Dahlen is located 22 km south of Torgau and 44 km east of Leipzig. The Bundesstraße 6 goes through Neuböhla in the south of the district. The Leipzig-Dresden railway also passes nearby The medieval town is also home to Castle Dahlen, which was the headquarters of King Frederick the Great of Prussia.


The history of Dahlen can be traced back to around 1188 A.D, where it is first mentioned as a town along the old trading route. The name Dahlen comes from the Slavic "Dolane" meaning "Valley Inhabitant". The city was officially chartered 40 years later in 1228.

There were many setbacks in the development of the town. It had faced the challenges of city fires, plagues, war and famine. However, its location allowed economic recovery where traders passed through and the town had bounced back from these disasters.

The town also saw a boom when the railway was laid to the south. The old Train Station, built in the Victorian style had the "Kings Waiting Room". Here, the Princes of Saxony would stop and rest on their way to the hunting lodge in Wermsdorf.

The current Town Hall (Germ: Rathaus) was built in 1888 on Market Square in the center of town.

The town played an important role during the Seven Years War in Europe. The most significant event was the signing of the Treaty of Hubertusburg on February 21, 1763 in the castle's White Salon.

Castle Dahlen

The highlight of Dahlen is the current ruins of the former Castle Dahlen. Built between 1744–1751, the castle was one of the residences of the von Bünau family.

Today the castle is being saved by a group of preservationists wanting to see the castle restored. There is also a train station being restored as well for public use.

The town also features many historical sites and sights, and may well become a popular tourist destination.


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