Wild Talents (role-playing game)

Wild Talents (role-playing game)

Infobox RPG
title = Wild Talents
subtitle = Superhero Roleplaying
in a World Gone Mad

caption = "Wild Talents" cover
designer = Dennis Detwiller
Greg Stolze
publisher = Arc Dream Publishing
date = December 18, 2006
genre = Superhero
system = "One-Roll Engine"
footnotes =

"Wild Talents" is a superhero role-playing game published by Arc Dream Publishing and written by Dennis Detwiller, with Greg Stolze, Kenneth Hite, and Shane Ivey, with illustrations by Christopher Shy, Sam Araya, and Todd Shearer. The game was shipped to customers worldwide on December 18, 2006. [cite web | title=Wild Talents - News | publisher=Arc Dream Publishing | url=http://www.arcdream.com/wildtalents/ | accessdate=September 23 | accessyear=2006]


"Wild Talents" picks up the settings started by "Godlike" after the events World War II with the next step in development of the powers of the Talents. Unlike the first wave of Talents to emerge during WWII, these Wild Talents are unable to counter act each other's powers by will alone. Beyond being a follow-up to "Godlike", "Wild Talents" includes tools and ideas for any superhero setting.


The "ORE System" used by "Wild Talents" expands on the system introduced by "Godlike". Dice pools of d10s are used to perform task checks where sets of matched dice determine success.

See also

* "Godlike"


External links

* [http://arcdream.com/wildtalents/ "Wild Talents" Homepage] the official Arc Dream page for the game
* [http://arcdream.com/wildtalents/learn.html Learn to play]

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