Benjamin Richard Parker

Benjamin Richard Parker


caption=Benjamin Parker, by Ron Frenz
character_name=Benjamin Parker
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="Spider-Girl" (vol. 1) #59
creators=Tom DeFalco
Ron Frenz
full_name=Benjamin Richard Parker
powers=(Known)Ability to stick to solid surfaces.

Benjamin Richard Parker (often called Benjy by his sister) is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics alternate future MC2 universe. He is the younger brother of May Parker/Spider-Girl, and the son of Mary Jane and Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

Benjamin is born after a complicated pregnancy. Because his father's genetic code was altered when he received his powers, Ben is at a high risk of being born with some kind of genetic abnormality: deformity, disability, or perhaps even mutant powers.The Beast of the X-Men, a noted geneticist, explained the probable risks to Spider-Man in "" #15, October 1991, by writer/artist Erik Larsen.] Due to the risk to Mary Jane's health, her obstetrician advises her to consider abortion. However, remembering that she had faced similar risks when pregnant with her daughter May, Mary Jane decides to proceed with the pregnancy.

Ben is born while his sister is fighting Seth, and to his family's relief, is apparently a perfectly healthy, normal little boy. His first name Benjamin is in honor of his uncle and great uncle, while his second name Richard is in honor of his grandfather.

In Amazing Spider-Girl #9, Benjamin seems to display some superhuman abilities, namely balancing a toy block on one finger while spinning his arm at a fast speed. He was also seen dangling the block from his finger on a web-like string. In ASG #14 May discovers Ben crawling on the ceiling of their home.

He was once possessed by a miniature version of the Carnage symbiote. After his sister freed him from the symbiote by using the ultrasonic weaponry of the villain Reverb, his father notices that the baby's ears were bleeding, and realised that Ben has lost his hearing, likely because Ben's ears were far too underdeveloped to withstand the sonic waves. The doctors in the hospital were trying to determine whether Ben's hearing loss is temporary or permanent. May is deeply upset over this and blames herself. Nevertheless, Ben still seems to be his usual, happy self. Since discovering her baby brother crawling on the ceiling she fears that due to his exposure to the symbiote, his abilities have somehow been jump started far too early (as hers only came about in her teens).

Normie Osborne recently agreed to fund an operation to restore Benjamin's hearing. The operation was a success, restoring most, if not all of Ben's hearing.

It is also known that Peter is the only one who can get him to burp "in the morning"(as Mary Jane says it)by feeding him chili.

Alternate versions

House of M

In the alternate reality created by the Scarlet Witch during the House of M storyline, Peter and Gwen Stacy name their son Richard.


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