Tabon Cave

Tabon Cave

The Tabon Caves are a set of caves in the sleepy town of Quezon that lies in the southern part of the Province of Palawan, Philippines.

They are famous for the found skull cap remains of the Tabon Man, which are 22,000 years old. They were discovered in the cave by Dr. Robert Fox and his team from the National Museum of the Philippines. Along with the skull cap, remains of wild boar and deer with evidence of having been hunted for consumption were also found in the cave, apparent proof of human inhabitation. Even though the location of the cave at present is close to shore, there were no remains of shellfish or sea creatures found inside, proof that when humans did inhabit the caves, it was far from the shore. The cave is said to be half a million years old, and has been inhabited for almost 50,000 years.

The Tabon cave complex consists of 29 explored caves, but there are 200 caves known on Lipuun Point. They are maintained and managed by the National Museum. One of the caves is open to the public.

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