1761 in music

1761 in music


*Francesco Geminiani visits Dublin, where he is robbed of a valuable manuscript.
*Domenico Cimarosa enters the Conservatorio di Santa Maria di Loreto.
*Joseph Haydn enters the service of the Esterházy family

Popular music

* "None listed"


*Charles-Guillaume Alexandre - "George et Georgette"
*Florian Leopold Gassmann - "Catone in Utica"
*Baldassare Galuppi - "Le Tre Amante Ridicoli"

Classical music

*Thomas Arne - "Judith" (oratorio)
*Christoph Willibald Gluck - "Don Juan" (ballet)
*François Joseph Gossec - "Sei sinfonie a più stromenti", op.5
*Joseph Haydn - "Symphony no 8 ("Le Soir")"
*Michael Haydn - "Symphony in C major"
*Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - "Minuet for Harpsichord"


*January 20 - Giovanni Domenico Perotti, composer (died 1825)
*January 22 - Georg Nikolaus von Nissen, biographer of Mozart (died 1826)
*January 26 - Jens Zetlitz, songwriter (died 1821)
*February 12 - Jan Ladislav Dussek, composer (died 1812)
*February 15 - Jacob Kimball, Jr., composer (died 1826)
*February 20 - Johann Christian Ludwig Abeille, pianist and composer
*February 22 - Erik Tulindberg, composer (died 1814)
*April 20 - Johann Gottlieb Karl Spazier, composer
*June 13 - Antonín Vranický or Wranitzky, violinist and composer (died 1820)
*July 20 - Joseph Lefebvre, composer
*September 4 - Friedrich Ludwig Emilius Kunzen, composer
*"date unknown" - John Stevenson, composer (died 1833)


*January 3 - Willem de Fesch, violinist and composer (born 1687)
*January 18 - Francesco Feo, opera composer (born 1691)
*February 15 - Carlo Cecere, composer (born 1706)
*March 7 - Antonio Palella, composer
*March 27 - Johann Ludwig Steiner, composer
*June 12 - Meinrad Spiess, composer
*July 9 - Carl Gotthelf Gerlach, organist (born 1704)
*"date unknown" - Adam Falckenhagen, lutenist and composer (born 1697)

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