Pensions appeal tribunal

Pensions appeal tribunal

Pensions Appeal Tribunal is a judicial tribunal in the United Kingdom having jurisdiction to hear and decide appeals against decisions of the Secretary of State in connection with applications for war pensions by former members of the military services. Appeals are made by virtue of the Pensions Appeal Tribunals Act 1943 sections 1,5 and 5A. War pensions (a term that covers lump sums awards and weekly pensions) are provided by the Government to former servicemen and women (and their widows/widowers) where they have suffered an injury or disease as a result of service. In addition, there exist a number of ancillary benefits available to war pensioners, such as Mobility Supplement. The tribunal deals with two Schemes: firstly, the War Pensions Scheme, which started in 1918 and continues in respect of injuries or deaths that occurred before 5 April 2005, and secondly, the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, which relates to injuries or deaths on or after 5 April 2005. Each tribunal has a legal chairman, a medical member and a service member. The head of the tribunal is the President, who is assisted by a Deputy President, both of whom are also legal chairmen. Appeals from the tribunal against the rejection of claims are heard by a Commissioner. Appeals against the assessment of an award or pension are heard by the Administrative Court.

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