Husky is a general term for several breeds of dogs used as sled dogs. Because of their strength and stamina, the name "Husky" is popular for products and for sports mascots. Huskies were originally used as sled dogs in northern regions but are now also kept as pets.

Breeds of sled dog

*Alaskan Husky
*Alaskan Malamute
*Canadian Eskimo Dog
*Greenland Dog
*Mackenzie River Husky
*Norwegian Elkhound
*Sakhalin Husky
*Seppala Siberian Sleddog
*Siberian Husky
*Tamaskan Husky


*The Husky Energy company
*Nickname for the Husqvarna company, manufacturer of power and hand tools, gasoline powered equipment, and motorcycles.
*Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd
*Husky chewing tobacco company
*Husky (toy company), a brand name used by Corgi Cars


*The Kaman Aircraft HH-43 Huskie, a helicopter formerly used by the U.S. Military
*Aviat Husky
*Fairchild Husky
*Consolidated PT-3

Mascots of schools

*Andover High School
*Blue Valley Northwest High School
*Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
*Centennial High School (Corona, California)
*Central Middle School of Science
*Chino Hills High School
*East Los Angeles College
*Eleanor Roosevelt High School
*Forest Hills Northern High School
*Hagerty High School
*Hamilton High School
*Hermosa Elementary School
*Hunter Huss High School, Gastonia, North Carolina
*Jackson County Central (Jackson, MN)
*Kents Hill School, (Kents Hill, ME)
*Marlborough Elementary School
*Michigan Technological University
*The Morgan School (Clinton, CT)
*Naperville North High School
*Newhall Middle School
*North Hollywood High School
*Northeastern University
*Northern Illinois University (spelled huskie)
*Oliver Wendell Holmes High School (San Antonio,TX)
*Patterson Mill Middle/High School
*Reno High School
*Rolling Hills Prep School (San Pedro, CA)
*Saint Cloud State University
*Saint Mary's University, Halifax
*University of Connecticut
*University of Saskatchewan
*University of Southern Maine
*University of Washington
*Sheldon High School
*Washington High School
*William F. Halloran School #22 (Elizabeth, new Jersey)
*Nathan Hale High School (Wisconsin)
* Warren Elementary School


* Husky Stadium in Seattle, Washington
* The Toronto Huskies, a defunct National Basketball Association team
* Ferlin Husky, a country-western singer
* Huskies was a variety of bran cereal offered by Post Cereals in the 1940s
* Husky, a project to develop a complete free suite of portable Fidonet applications
* Husky (computer), a British rugged handheld computer manufactured in the early 1980s

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