Cam (disambiguation)

Cam (disambiguation)

A cam is a mechanical linkage which translates motion.

Cam or CAM may also refer to:


* Crassulacean acid metabolism, a water-conserving metabolic process of most succulent plants
* Camelopardalis, standard astronomical abbreviation
* A camera or webcam
* Spring-loaded camming device a type of rock climbing protection equipment
* Camarilla (fan club), a literary fanclub of WhiteWolf games
* The names Camille, Camden, or Cameron can all be shortened to "Cam"
* Cam, a pen name used by Canadian editorial cartoonist Cameron Cardow
* A nickname for the rapper Cam'ron


* Complementary and alternative medicine
* "Current account mortgage", a type of offset mortgage that uses a single account
* Central American Ministries, a Jesuit mission in Central America
* Central attacking midfielder, a position in Association football
* Canadian Association of Magicians
* Compagnie Aerienne du Mali

Designation codes

* CAM, ICAO airline designator for Camai-Air
* CAM, station code for the Camberwell railway station, Melbourne
* CAM, Amtrak station code for the Camden Seaboard Air Line Railway Depot, South Carolina, United States


* Cartoon Art Museum, an art museum in San Francisco, California, specializing in the art of comics and cartoons
* Castle Air Museum, an air museum in Atwater, California displaying restored World War II, Korean War, and Cold War era aircraft.
* Chinese American Museum, an ethnic museum in Los Angeles
* Cincinnati Art Museum, an art museum in Cincinnati, Ohio


* Computer-aided manufacturing, computer-based software tools that assist in the manufacture of product components
* Conditional access module, an electronic device for allowing access to scrambled television programmes
* Content-addressable memory, a type of computer memory
* Categorical abstract machine, the machine behind Caml, and Ocaml Language
* Cellular automata machine, a computer dedicated to execution of cellular automaton processing


* River Cam, a river in Cambridgeshire, England
* Cam Brook, Somerset a small river in Somerset, England
* Cam, Gloucestershire, a village in Gloucestershire, England
* Cambridgeshire, which has the Chapman code "CAM"


* Cell adhesion molecule, a protein located on a cell surface involved with the binding with other cells
* Calmodulin (CaM), a calcium-binding protein


* CAM ship, a type of World War II merchant ship which could launch, but not recover, a fighter aircraft
* Cam (bootleg), a form of motion picture copying
* Sandra Cam (born 1972), Belgian freestyle swimmer

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