Add N to (X)

Add N to (X)

Infobox musical artist 2
Name = Add N to (X)

Background = group_or_band
Origin = London, England, United Kingdom
Instruments =
Genre = Electroclash, Post-rock
Years_active = 1994–2003
Label = Blow Up
Mute Records
URL = [ Official Add N to (X) Website]
Current_members = Barry Smith (1994–2003)
Ann Shenton (1994–2002)
Andrew Aveling (1994-1996) Steven Claydon (1997–2003)
Past_members =

Add N to (X) were a three-piece British band specializing in electronic music performed on analogue synthesizers, formed in London in 1994.

The original band members were Andrew Aveling, Barry Smith (aka Barry 7) and Ann Shenton.
Steven Claydon replaced Andrew Aveling in 1997

After several releases on small labels, they turned down offers from major labels and signed to large independent label Mute Records in 1998, and achieved a modest commercial success before splitting in 2003.

Most of their songs and video clips have been adult/sex-related; the video for "Metal Fingers in My Body" is an animated short where a female's having sex with a robot, and their video for "Plug Me In" is famous for featuring porn actresses playing with sex toys.


In 1994 Andrew Aveling met Justin Anderson from Freaky RealisticFact|date=February 2008 and together they started a band named Radix CouplmentFact|date=February 2008. Andrew was dating Ann Shenton at this timeFact|date=February 2008 and got her involved on the projectFact|date=February 2008. Andrew then asked his friend Barry (Former Radio Prague DJ Smith) if he too would be interested in joiningFact|date=February 2008. They then spent some time gigging under this name before a fall out which led to Justin's departure from the band. There being only three remaining Andrew then renamed the group Add N to XFact|date=February 2008. They released Vero Electronics (1996) and after did many other recordings for the next album.

They kept the name but placed brackets around the X due to legal reasons. They then enlisted Steven Claydon who remained with the group until its dissolution.

1997 saw the band twice awarded "Single of the Week" by the NME (for "The Black Regent" and "King Wasp").

The group performed live regularly, often augmenting their core three-piece line up with either one or two acoustic drummers, and sometimes additional musicians playing extra synths and/or electric guitar.

They often utilized distinctive artwork for the videos and record sleeves, a fetishistic collage of sexual imagery with analogue electronic equipment, based in part on the movie and book "Demon Seed"

The band released four more albums, "On the Wires of Our Nerves", "Avant Hard", "Add Insult to Injury", and "Loud Like Nature". They also released the single Little Black Rocks In The Sun, which was issued on 10 inch hexagonal vinyl.Shenton was reportedly overwhelmed by the pressures of the "Loud Like Nature" tour, and either left the group or was kicked out. Fact|date=December 2007 In 2003 Smith and Claydon continued touring the United States without Shenton. The band broke up shortly thereafter.Barry Smith runs the Horseglue Records store and label with his partner Ethan Reid. Ann Shenton has formed a new group, Large Number. Steven Claydon is now known for his artwork and in 2006 was included in a group show at Tate Modern.

Discography (albums)

* "Vero Electronics" (January 1996)
* "On the Wires of Our Nerves" (February 1998)
* "Avant Hard" (April 1999)
* "Add Insult to Injury" (October 2000)
* "Loud Like Nature" (October 2002)

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