name = "Pipistrellus"

image_width = 220px
image_caption = Common Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus pipistrellus")
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Mammalia
ordo = Chiroptera
familia = Vespertilionidae
subfamilia = Vespertilioninae
genus = "Pipistrellus"
genus_authority = Kaup, 1829

"Pipistrellus" is a genus of bats in the family Vespertilionidae and subfamily Vespertilioninae. The name of the genus is derived from the Italian word "Pipistrello", meaning "bat".

The size of the genus has been considerably reduced as a result of work during the 1990s and 2000s, with genera like "Arielulus", "Hypsugo", "Falsistrellus", "Neoromicia", "Parastrellus", "Perimyotis", "Scotozous" and "Vespadelus" being split off. Still, molecular evidence suggests that the genus is not monophyletic. Several other genera in the subfamily Vespertilioninae have also been merged with "Pipistrellus" in previous classifications. Species in the genus may be referred to as "pipistrelles" or "pipistrelle bats", though these terms are also used for other genera.

They are somewhat distinguished from their much larger cousins, the noctule bats "Nyctalus" by their weak, fluttery flight reminiscent more of a butterfly than anything else, though a few species are more direct in their flight.


*Japanese pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus abramus")
*Adams's Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus adamsi")
*Mt. Gargues Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus aero")
*Angulate Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus angulatus")
*Kelaart's Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus ceylonicus")
*Greater Papuan Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus collinus")
*Indian Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus coromandra")
*Desert Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus deserti")
*Endo's Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus endoi")
*Hanaki's Dwarf Bat ("Pipistrellus hanaki")
*Dusky Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus hesperidus")
*Aellen's Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus inexspectatus")
*Java Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus javanicus")
*Kuhl's Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus kuhlii")
*Minahassa Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus minahassae")
*Christmas Island Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus murrayi")
*Tiny Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus nanulus")
*Nathusius's pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus nathusii")
*Lesser Papuan Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus papuanus")
*Mount Popa Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus paterculus")
*Dar-Es-Salaam Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus permixtus")
*Common pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus pipistrellus")
*Soprano Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus pygmaeus")
*Rüppell's Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus rueppellii")
*Rusty Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus rusticus")
*Narrow-winged Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus stenopterus")
*Sturdee's Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus sturdeei")
*Least Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus tenuis")
*Watts's Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus wattsi")
*Koopman's Pipistrelle ("Pipistrellus westralis")


*MSW3 Simmons

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