List of Dave the Barbarian episodes

List of Dave the Barbarian episodes

The following is an episode list for the Disney Channel series "Dave the Barbarian".

This is a list of episodes and is listed in order of their airing in the United States. In Australia all episodes aired in 2003 to 2004. They all comprise one season and all were made in one production block.

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Title=The Maddening Sprite of the Stump / Shrink Rap
OriginalAirDate=January 23, 2004
ShortSummary=The Maddening Sprite of the Stump
Lula gets stuck in a tree stump during Dave's attempt to guard the Enchanted Forest against a giant man-eating muffin. When the royal family is unable to free Lula, a tiny, winged sprite establishes himself as the ruler of Udrogoth.;Shrink RapDave believes helping others is his whole purpose in life and starts giving out advice as a "psychofloobicologist."
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Title=Pet Threat / Lula's First Barbarian
OriginalAirDate=January 23, 2004
ShortSummary=Pet Threat
Faffy is sad because the family forgot to get him anything during Dragon Appreciation Week, so Dave buys Faffy a diseased weasel for a pet. The diseased weasel gets all of Dave's attention, so Faffy runs away. The weasel turns out to be Chuckles The Silly Piggy, who wants to steal a magical fruit hidden in Faffy's room.;Lula's First BarbarianLula's old owner, Argon The Ageless, comes to town and Lula wants to find some way of getting him to come back to her.
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Title=Girlfriend /
OriginalAirDate=January 23, 2004
Dave begins dating Princess Irmaplotz, but breaks up with her when he learns that she is evil. Irmaplotz is upset about the break up and sends an army of filthy pixies to attack Udrogoth.
;Ned Frischman: Man of TomorrowA nerd named Ned Frischman travels back in time and tries to take over the ancient world using video games. When everyone is hooked on the video games, Faffy, Lula, and Twinkle The Wonder Horse (being the only ones without thumbs) must face off against Ned.
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Title=Beef! / Rite of Pillage
OriginalAirDate=January 23, 2004
Candy seeks instant muscle gratification, but the magic broccoli she eats to strengthen her muscles makes her dumber and wanting to eat more.;Rite of PillageDave faces a dilemma, where he'll lose his barbarian title and disgrace his family if he cannot pass a pillaging test.
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Title=King for a Day or Two / Slay What?
OriginalAirDate=January 23, 2004
ShortSummary=King for a Day or Two
Dave in his capacity as temporary ruler of Udrogoth forces the citizenry to attend his musical production, "Oh, Pastry!";Slay What?Fang's barbarian idol arrives in town to slay an unsuspecting Faffy, so the barbarians must do whatever it takes to keep Faffy safe.
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Title=Civilization / The Terror of Mecha-Dave
OriginalAirDate=January 30, 2004
Candy sets her sights on making Fang presentable in high society.;The Terror of Mecha-DaveDave fears he has been brainwashed to act like a bully by Chuckles the Silly Piggy.
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Title=The Way of the Dave / Beauty and the Zit
OriginalAirDate=February 6, 2004
ShortSummary=The Way of the Dave
Candy's quest for an ultra-trendy antler hat takes her outside of the kingdom and in direct conflict with Chuckles the Silly Piggy.;Beauty and the ZitCandy demands Oswidge come up with a magic spell to remove a pimple from her face on the night of the Barbarian Ball, but the zit turns into a zit monster bent on taking her back.
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Title=Band / Web
OriginalAirDate=February 13, 2004
The teen protectors of Udrogoth spend their downtime jamming in a popular rock band.;WebCandy has difficulty paying off an expensive spending spree.
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Title=Sorcerer Material / Sweep Dreams
OriginalAirDate=February 20, 2004
ShortSummary=Sorcerer Material
Uncle Oswidge has the "Hicats" and need to go to Malsquando's, only to realize that Malsquando knew Oswidge back in the past and tells Dave and Fang that Uncle Oswidge worked in a cafeteria and never went to sorcery school in order to break Oswidge's confidence and get him out of Malsquando's path to way to world domination.;Sweep DreamsWell, it's the beginning of spring and that means only 1 thing for Dave...SPRING CLEANING!! The rest of the family run away from the castle to avoid cleaning. Dave uses Dusty, the magical cleaning broom and sweeps the castle. After months of cleaning, Dave is in need of one more thing, Castle Polish.
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Title=Here There Be Dragons / Pipe Down!
OriginalAirDate=February 27, 2004
ShortSummary=Here There Be Dragons
Faffy's allegiance to his dragon brethren makes it tougher for Dave to reverse an unnatural heat wave that has struck Udrogoth.;Pipe Down!Dave's horrendous playing of a bagpipe-like instrument 'The Garglepipes' is enough to stir Quozmir from his subterranean resting place.
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Title=Termites of Endearment / Thor, Loser
OriginalAirDate=March 19, 2004
ShortSummary=Termites of Endearment
Vermites destroy Dave's boutique only to find out that they are controlled by The Dark Lord Chuckles the Silly Piggy.;Thor, LoserLula tries to impress her sister.
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Title=The Figar / Silly Wiggy
OriginalAirDate=March 24, 2004
ShortSummary=The Figar
Dave is on the game show, The Figar. Dave does NOT know the answer to the questions and if he loses, he gets his castle destroyed.;Silly WiggyEveryone was laughing at Chuckles for being bald. He buys a magical wig, but little does he know it makes him good instead of evil.
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Title=The Princess and the Peabrains / Horders & Sorcery
OriginalAirDate=March 26, 2004
ShortSummary=The Princess and the Peabrains
Candy makes her friends princess while she haves fun and all. Meanwhile, Chuckles and his silly nephew are planning to take over Udrogoth (not to mention that his nephew really wants to be a Harvest Hog).;Horders & SorceryFang tricks Dave into thinking he's going to a hat show, only to realize that he's really in warrior boot camp! Fang wants to be a warrior, but she's too small. She fails tests like sword fights and amoeba wrestling, which makes her lure Malsquando to the Mongrel Hordes Boot Camp.
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Title=The Brutish Are Coming / The Lost Race of Reeber
OriginalAirDate=April 30, 2004
ShortSummary=The Brutish Are Coming
Dave and Fang try to protect Udrogoth from invading monsters.;The Lost Race of ReeberPrincess Candy must help the Lost Race of Reeber reclaim its land.
Episode list
Title=Lederhosen of Doom / Floral Derangement
OriginalAirDate=January 21, 2004
ShortSummary=Lederhosen of Doom
Fang gets some pants sent by her parents and doesn't bother to read the note that came with them. This is problematic, because the note explains that the pants are the evil trouser beast and will take control of anyone who wears them. Fang loves the pants at first because they give her fantastic strength – at last she's as strong as Dave! But soon the pants take her over, using her as a tool to get revenge on their hated foe... Oswidge.;Floral DerangementWhen Fang messes with Dave's life, Dave threatens to send her to Ms. Bluelung's School for Really Cute Little Girls, an educationally evil punishment which Princess Candy suggested. In order to avoid being sent to Ms. Bluelung's, Fang must promise to stop messing with Dave's life, but she breaks her promise. She swipes some of Oswidge's magic and makes some of Dave's flowers – his prized Purple Winkies – grow huge. Surprisingly, gigantic ravenous flowers cause a few minor problems, which Fang struggles to conceal from Dave.
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Title=A Pig's Story
OriginalAirDate=January 17, 2005
ShortSummary=Dark Lord Chuckles the Silly Piggy has a plan that can't fail; he kidnaps the Storyteller and forces him to read narration in which Dave loses! Chuckles soon finds himself not only Master of the World, but also the new star of "Dave the Barbarian", which has been renamed "The Dark Lord Chuckles the Silly Piggy Will Destroy You All Variety Hour." But when the Storyteller gets laryngitis, it looks like the winner will be whoever can find the best new narrator.
Note: This is the real final episode.
Episode list
Title=That Darn Ghost! / The Cow Says Moon
OriginalAirDate=October 2, 2004
ShortSummary=That Darn Ghost!
Candy discovers that she is the only person in Udrogoth who does not have a ghost haunting her house. Caring for their sister, Dave and Fang go down to the local ghost shop, and hire a ghost. The ghost throws a huge ghost party, and everyones ghost attends. After Candy tries to kick them all out, the ghosts get angry, and chase the gang around Udrogoth in a very "Scooby-Doo-like" chase scene.;The Cow Says MoonEvil Princess Irmaplotz summons fourth a cow like something milky to bite Dave after he swims in the milk, thus in a month later when the moon is full, making Dave a Were-Cow.
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Title=Night of the Living Plush / I Love Neddy
OriginalAirDate=December 27, 2004
ShortSummary=Night of the Living Plush
Candy has bought too many plush animals. When her room explodes from being stuffed with too much fluff, she finally realizes that she needs to buy more. Chuckles discovers that Candy needs plush toys, and disguises himself as a piggy doll. After Candy buys him and takes him home, she immediately leaves and buys more. Meanwhile Chuckles, using his amulet, creates an army of plush animals, in an attempt to conquer udrogoth.;I Love NeddyNed Frischman returns to the past attempting to conquer the world using Jokes. He becomes the most loved man in the world, and creates a sitcom called "I Love Neddy". Dave and the gang create the world's first reality program, "Real Life Barbarians", which soon becomes more popular than "I Love Neddy". Ned comes to stop Dave and the gang with his jokes. All seems lost, when Dave grabs "Convenient Feathers", and tickles Ned back to the future.
Episode list
Title=Shake, Rattle, & Roll Over / Bad Food
OriginalAirDate=December 28, 2004
ShortSummary=Shake, Rattle, & Roll Over
While retrieving the magical Combat Rattle from an ancient temple, Faffy causing a statue to come to life and attack Dave and the others. Dave decides to get Faffy trained, so Chuckles disguises himself as a dragon trainer in order to steal the Combat Rattle.;Bad FoodDave gets an ingrown toenail, so he quits being a barbarian and starts a restaurant. When the rest of family tries to ruin Dave's restaurant by stealing his cookbook, Dave starts making recipes from an evil cookbook, causing all of his cooking to come to life and attack.
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Title=Red Sweater Of Courage / Dog Of Titans
OriginalAirDate=December 29, 2004
ShortSummary=Red Sweater Of Courage
To make Dave brave, Fang makes him wear the Red Sweat er of Courage. Unfortunately, Dave becomes so brave that he insults Chuckles, Malsquando, and Quasmire, so the three villains team up to destroy Udragoth.;Dog Of The TitansDave feels unappreciated at home, so he goes to Titan Meadows where he becomes the pet of a giant. Dave likes being a pet, so Fang competes against Dave in a pet show so the family can get him back.
Episode list
Title=Fiends & Family / Plunderball
OriginalAirDate=December 30, 2004
ShortSummary=Fiends & Family
When her parents announce that they have to start their quest all over again, Fang is crushed and cheering her up is a Herculean task.;PlunderballDave finds himself coaching Udrogoth's Plunderball team in the big annual game, a job he knows nothing about. Things gets worse when the opposing team's coach is Dave's ex-girlfriend, Irmoplotz.
Episode list
Title=Not a Monkey / Happy Glasses
OriginalAirDate=January 22, 2005
ShortSummary=Not a Monkey
Fang gets an illness, so Uncle Oswich and Dave take her to the doctor. The doctor says that Fang gets the illness that only monkeys get. Fang can only get the cure from the island far far away. The cure is berries. After a long cruise, they reached the island. Fang sets out to find the berries but she is taken away by a pack of monkeys. They accept her at first but when eats the berries and she isn't cured, Fang realizes she is not a monkey. But she is in trouble when she gets chasen by monkeys, Dave is chased by gorillas, and Faffi is chased by lemons. Lula, meanwhile, stays at the hotel.;Happy GlassesWhen Chuckles sets to defeat Dave once again, he invents glasses that make whoever is wearing it see the world the way they really want it to be like. Chaos is started when the glasses are worn by Fang, Oswich, Candy, Faffy, and Dave.
Episode list
Title=Time Capsule/ Final Stand off
OriginalAirDate=July 30, 2008
ShortSummary=Time Capsule
The gang dig up a time capsule & see a look in to the future.;Final Stand OffOn the series finale, everyone's wishes come true but Dave has a score to settle from the past before he leaves the castle & says goodbye to his friends & family.

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