Erato (disambiguation)

Erato (disambiguation)

Erato was one of the Greek Muses. Erato can also mean:

* Erato, a daughter of Thespius in Greek mythology. She bore Heracles a son, Dynastes.
*Erato, one of the daughters of Danaus and Polyxo. She married (and murdered) Bromios, son of Aegyptus and Caliadne.
* Erato, a dryad, the wife of Arcas and mother of at least one, if not two, of his children.
*Erato, one of the Nereids.
*Erato, one of the Nymphs Dodonides, nurses of Dionysus.
* Erato Records, a recording label
* Erato of Armenia, an ancient queen of Armenia
* 62 Erato, an asteroid
* "Erato (genus)", a genus of plants
* Erato Street, in New Orleans, between Clio and Thalia Streets
* Erato, Bosnian R&B duo

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