Seversky Donets

Seversky Donets

Infobox River | river_name = Seversky Donets

caption =
origin = Russia
mouth = Don River
basin_countries = Russia, Ukraine
length = 1,053 km (654 mi)
elevation =
discharge =
watershed = 98,900 km² (38,186 square miles)

The river Seversky Donets ( _ru. Северский Донец; _uk. Сіверський Донець; alternatively "Donetz"), flows into the Don River, Russia. It originates in Central Russian Upland, north of Belgorod, flows south-east through Ukraine (traversing the oblasts of Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk) and then into Russia again to join the Don River in the Rostov Oblast below Konstantinovsk, about 100 km from the Sea of Azov. The Donets has a total length of 1,053 km (654 miles).

Shipping can navigate the river on its lower reaches; and the waterway serves as a significant transportation artery to service the Donets Basin (Donbas) — an area of coal-mining and heavy industry.

Cities along the Donets, from source to mouth:
*Belgorod (Russia)
*Vovchansk (Ukraine)
*Chuhuyiv (Ukraine)
*Zmiiv (Ukraine)
*Izyum (Ukraine)
*Rubizhne (Ukraine)
*Lysychansk (Ukraine)
*Sieverodonetsk (Ukraine)
*Kamensk-Shakhtinsky (Russia)
*Ust-Donetsky (Russia)

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