Uvular trill

Uvular trill

. See guttural R for more information.



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  • Uvular fluttertonguing — [ [http://idrs.colorado.edu/Publications/DR/DR7.2/DR7.2Post.html Nora Post, Monophonic sound resources for the oboe: Part I Timbre ] ] is a wind instrument technique where the instrumentalist performs and uvular trill to produce an effect like… …   Wikipedia

  • Uvular consonant — Uvulars are consonants articulated with the back of the tongue against or near the uvula, that is, further back in the mouth than velar consonants. Uvulars may be plosives, fricatives, nasal stops, trills, or approximants, though the IPA does not …   Wikipedia

  • Trill consonant — In phonetics, a trill is a consonantal sound produced by vibrations between the articulator and the place of articulation. Standard Spanish lt;rr gt; as in perro is an alveolar trill, while in Parisian French it is almost always uvular.Trills are …   Wikipedia

  • Uvular flap — A uvular flap is not known to exist as a phoneme in any language. However, it has been reported as an allophone of other sounds in various languages: *Of an initial glottal stop in Southern Okanagan, [ Uvular Pharyngeal Resonants in Interior… …   Wikipedia

  • trill — trill1 /tril/, v.t. 1. to sing or play with a vibratory or quavering effect. 2. Phonet. to produce (a sound) with a trill. 3. (of birds, insects, etc.) to sing or utter in a succession of rapidly alternating sounds. v.i. 4. to resound vibrantly,… …   Universalium

  • Voiced uvular fricative — The voiced uvular fricative is a type of consonantal sound, used in some spoken languages. The symbol in the International Phonetic Alphabet that represents this sound is IPA|ʁ, and the equivalent X SAMPA symbol is R. This consonant is one of… …   Wikipedia

  • Guttural R — In linguistics, guttural R (throaty R or French R) refers to pronunciation of a rhotic consonant as a guttural consonant. These consonants are usually uvular, but can also be realized as a velar, pharyngeal, or glottal rhotic. Speakers of some… …   Wikipedia

  • List of consonants — This is a list of all consonants which can be transcribed with a single letter in the International Phonetic Alphabet, plus some of the more common consonants which require diacritics, ordered by place and manner of articulation.Ordered by place… …   Wikipedia

  • Rhotic consonant — Rhotic consonants, or R like sounds, are non lateral liquid consonants. This class of sounds is difficult to characterise phonetically, though most of them share some acoustic peculiarities, most notably a lowered third formant in their sound… …   Wikipedia

  • Modern Hebrew — History of the Hebrew language …   Wikipedia

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