Negotino municipality

Negotino municipality

Infobox Municipality in the Republic of Macedonia
municipality_name=Negotino municipality
municipality_name_mkd=Општина Неготино
density=45,05| status=Urban municipality
mayor=Gjorgi Kimov
municipality_location=MKD_muni_nonn(Negotino).png coa_pic=MMCA(Negotino).png coa_px=130
flag_pic=MKD_muni_flag(Negotino).png flag_px=160

Negotino ( _mk. Неготино) is a municipality in eastern Republic of Macedonia. "Negotino" is also the name of the village where the municipal seat is found. Negotino municipality is part of Vardar statistical region.


The municipality borders Štip municipality in the north, Konče and Demir Kapija in the east, Gradsko and Rosoman in the west and Kavadarci in the south.


According to the last Macedonian national census of 2002, ref|census the municipality ha a population of 19,212 people, with a density of 45,05 people/km². In the census of 1994 there were 18,341 people living within the borders of the municipality.

Ethnic groups in the municipality (2002 census):
*Macedonians = 17,768
*Serbs = 627
*Roma = 453
*Turks = 243

Inhabited places

The number of the inhabited places in the municipality is 19: one town and 11 villages.



# [$FILE/I1%20Population%2015%20C2002%20123.pdf MAcedonian official 2002 census data]

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