Brodmann area 45

Brodmann area 45

Brodmann area 45 (BA45), is part of the frontal cortex in the human brain. Situated on the lateral surface, inferior to BA9 and adjacent to BA46.

This area is also known as pars triangular (of the inferior frontal gyrus). In the human, it occupies the triangular part of inferior frontal gyrus (H) and, surrounding the anterior horizontal limb of lateral sulcus (H), a portion of the orbital part of inferior frontal gyrus (H). Bounded caudally by the anterior ascending limb of lateral sulcus (H), it borders on the insula in the depth of the lateral sulcus.

Cytoarchitectonically it is bounded caudally by the opercular area 44 (BA44), rostrodorsally by the middle frontal area 46 (BA46) and ventrally by the orbital area 47 (BA47) (Brodmann-1909).


Together with BA 44 it comprises Broca's area, a region which is active in semantic tasks, such as semantic decision tasks (does this word represent an abstract or concrete entity?) and generation tasks (generate a verb associated to a noun).

The precise role of BA45 in semantic tasks remains controversial. For some researchers, its role would be to subserve semantic retrieval or semantic working memory processes. Under this view, BA44 and BA45 would together guide recovery of semantic information and evaluate the recovered information with regards to the criterion appropriate to a given context [Cite journal
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] [Cite journal
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] . A slightly modified account of this view is that activation of BA45 is needed only under controlled semantic retrieval, when strong stimulus-stimulus associations are absent [Wagner, A. D. (2002). Cognitive control and episodic memory: Contributions from prefrontal cortex. L. R. Squire & D. L. Schacter (Eds.). Neuropsychology of Memory (3rd ed.), pp. 174-192. New York: Guilford Press] . For other researchers, BA45's role is not restricted to semantics per se, but to all activities which require task-relevant representations from among competing representations [Cite journal
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] .

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