Masud Rana

Masud Rana
Masud Rana  
Shei Kuasha 1.jpg
Cover of a typical Masud Rana book titled "Shei Kuasha"
Author(s) Qazi Anwar Hussain
Cover artist Ismail Arman
Country Bangladesh
Language Bangla
Series Masud Rana
Subject(s) Thriller
Genre(s) Espionage/Mystery/Adventure
Publisher Sheba Prokashoni
Publication date 1966 - Current

Masud Rana is a fictional character created in 1966 by writer Qazi Anwar Hussain, who featured him in over 400 novels. Hussain created the adult spy-thriller series Masud Rana, at first modeled after James Bond, but expanded widely. So far 413 books have been published in this series which has gained a lot of popularity in Bangladesh. Written from the 1960s and continuing to present day, books are published almost every month by Sheba Prokashoni, one of the most popular publishing house of Bangladesh. Although Qazi Anwar Hussain started the series, it is an open secret that nowadays he doesn't write it any more. A group of ghostwriters are employed to produce all the new Masud Rana titles.

The Masud Rana books describes the adventures of its eponymous hero Masud Rana, an international spy of Bangladeshi origin, closely resembling James Bond in his expertise with weapons and women. Although the author of the series is Qazi Anwar Hussain, it is known that Hussain liberally borrows plotlines from popular Western spy thrillers of contemporary period. Nonetheless, the series became a boon for young people in post-war Bangladesh, who had few entertainment alternatives in an era pre-dating video games, cable TV and the internet. The books caused concern among some middle-class parents because of their occasional racy content, and reading Masud Rana was an activity often frowned upon. The series eventually ran to well over four hundred individual titles.

Apart from the novels, Masud Rana has also been adapted for one Bengali film and one TV Drama.


Creation and inspiration

Masud Rana, a spy, a former major of Bangladesh Army continues missions all over the world. His boss is Major General (retired) Rahat Khan of the fictitious Bangladesh Counter Intelligence (BCI). According to the series, Masud Rana established the Rana Agency, a front cover for BCI in the form of a private investigation agency.

The character was created in 1966 by Bangladeshi novelist Qazi Anwar Hussain in an attempt to write an adult spy thriller for the Bangladeshi readers. According to the preface of "Dhongsho-Paharr" (first book in the series), he was inspired and encouraged to do such by his close friend Mahbub Amin. The hero, Masud Rana, was named by taking the first name of his friend, lyricist Masud Karim and the title of Rana Pratap Singh of Rajput clan who ruled Mewar, a state in north-western India from 1540 to 1597. Hussain admitted in an 1994 interview that he was heavily influenced by James Bond while creating the character.

Qazi Anwar Hussain, Creator and author of Masud Rana Series

Masud Rana in other medium

A full length feature film about Rana was made in 1974 titled Masud Rana. The film was directed by Masud Parvez, producer and famous Bangladeshi actor known by his Stage name Sohel Rana. He also starred in the film as the hero. More than thirty years after its release, the film is now available in DVD. The film was made based on the Story Bishmaron [Amnesia] (Based on Strictly for Cash by James Hadley Chase.) It was the 11th story of Masud Rana, first published on 1967.

The first package drama in the history of Bangladesh, Prachir Periye (Beyond the Wall) telecast in 1994 was also based on a Masud Rana title Pishach Dweep (The Island of Evil), written by Qazi Anwar Hussain and screenplay by Atiqul Haque Chowdhury. Nobel and Bipasha Hayat acted in the drama.

The Masud Rana Dossier

Masud Rana is a Senior Operational Officer stationed at BCI HQ, Dhaka. The following is a summation of Masud Rana's history to date:


Father: Justice Imtiaz Chowdhury


Rana has never been married. The closest he came to marry someone was in Protidondhi, where he and Rebecca Saul decided to get married. Sadly she got murdered before the marriage could take place. Sohana, a fellow BCI agent can be portrayed as the most convincing partner for Rana over the years. He has had many liaisons with members of the opposite sex, but none of particular closeness or length.


Masud Rana has excelled in solitary sports. He is an avid climber, diver, swimmer, and an excellent runner. Major Rana does not race cars, but he does enjoy driving very expensive vehicles very fast. Major Rana has gambled at many casinos, although never to ruin. He drinks, but not to excess.

Training, Dhaka

Major Rana completed all orientation and BCI Covert Operations training in eight weeks. He received exceptionally high marks for physical endurance, logic, and Psychological Ops exercises.

Special Forces Training

Major Rana excelled at Underwater and Aquatic Warfare training. During further training Major Rana earned certifications for the operation of assault helicopters, Harrier-class jets, fixed wing aircraft, hover crafts, marine assault vessels, armored vehicles, and other crafts.

He proved adept at training other candidates, initiating athletic competitions, and fostering a creative environment.

He has proved himself an exceptionally skilled and disciplined student of BCI methods. Rana is skilled with languages, and speaks fluently without accent in Italian, French and German, and speaks, reads and writes a passable Greek, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese. Rana has a tendency to come across as arrogant and overly-confident in some situations. While confidence is a strength, arrogance is not. It is an important aspect of which to be aware.

Rana is , a loner. He works best in broad strokes when given general goals and the freedom to accomplish those goals in the manner he sees fit.

Major Rana has been a fine example of discipline and results-oriented action.

Additionally, Rana often appeared visibly bored and restless during more mundane aspects of training. He obviously enjoys risks, enjoys calculating the odds of success, and playing those risks to the edge of failure.

BCI HQ, Dhaka

Rana continued to work as a Mission Specialist in such locations as the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, Zimbabwe, Italy, Australia, Chili, Myanmar, Thailand, Hongkong, Norway, Sweden, Brazil, Egypt, India, Pakistan and many more countries of the world.

Intelligence Service

Major Rana's service with the BCI has been marked by moments of exemplary but risky bravado. While performing his duties with great zeal, Major Rana has often taken it upon himself to expand upon his orders, and, on more than one occasion, to violate them outright.

Psychological Evaluation

Masud Rana is a unique individual. He appears to be of sound mind and strong spirit. Rana does not fear death. Rana has a remarkable willingness to take near fatal risks. Rana is solitary. He does not console himself by surrounding himself with others. His athletic pursuits tend to be solitary: running, skiing, hiking, swimming, diving, and most remarkably, climbing.

Rana enjoys pushing himself to he limit, both mentally and physically. He is prone to boredom and mild depression when not challenged. Rana enjoys drinking and gambling, although the former seems to be a way for him to test his personal limits at times rather than a vice. Rana has been known to gamble more than he can afford to lose, although he always gambles with a plan and a clear understanding of the odds. Rana has strong interpersonal skills. He can act comfortably in many situations, but does not seek out companionship except, most notably, for sexual recreation. Rana's lone wolf personality-type tends to attract others.

Rana is goal-oriented, but he often seeks these goals in an indirect and secretive way. Rana seems to have an emotional and mental need for multiple layers of reality. He thrives when not revealing all of himself, carefully organizing the aspects of his personality he reveals to others. Thus Rana is excellent as burying information he does not wish to reveal.

Rana seeks structure in his life. He is a man of pattern and habit. He has acquired strong tastes. Rana both thrives under structure yet finds subtle ways of rebelling against it.Rana uses humor as a shield and a weapon. He is skilled at making cutting remarks that reveal insecurities of others or mock death, danger and risk.

Most importantly, Rana is deeply loyal to institutions. His concept of his nationality is a large part of his identity.

While the world is far from black and white to Masud Rana, he does tend to see it in stark terms of chaos and order, tradition and change. Rana has chosen to identify with order and tradition.

Major Rana is an excellent candidate for sensitive and demanding intelligence work.

First edition cover of Masud Rana-98, titled "Pasher Kamra"; cover design by late Shahadat Chowdhury

All Masud Rana books at a glance

Some of the books mentioned below are not actually based on the originals, rather, straight copy, some even copies word by word dialogue. Just names of the characters are changed. e.g. Sunflower, The Negotiator, The Fourth Protocol, Icon, etc. But most of the books by Qazi Anwar Hussain are something more than translations. These changes done by him, have given the series an emotional touch, from the point of view of a Bangladeshi, which is the major factor, that has popularized this series, even genre, in Bangladesh.

Each Rana paperback opens with these lines:

"An untameable daredevil spy of Bangladesh Counter Intelligence. On secret missions he travels the globe. His life is queer. His movements are mysterious and strange. His heart, a beautiful mix of gentle and tough. Single. He attracts, but refuses to get snared. Wherever he encounters injustice, oppression, and wrong, he fights back. Every step he takes is shadowed by danger, fear, and the risk of death.

Come, let us acquaint ourselves with this daring, always hip, young man. In a flash, he will lift us out of the monotony of a mundane life to an awesome world of our dreams. You are invited. Thank you."

Although 408 books have been published, but actually there are 285 plots, as, many of the books spans up to two or even three volumes.

  1. Dhongsho-Pahar (ধ্বংস-পাহাড়) [The Destructive Hill.] (Rana-1. Spy Thriller. Original Story)
  2. Bharotnatyam (ভারতনাট্যম) [Indian Dance] (Original Story)
  3. Shwarnomriga (স্বর্ণমৃগ) [The Golden Deer] (Based on Goldfinger and On Her Majesty's Secret Service by Ian Fleming. James Bond Novels)
  4. Dusshahoshik (দুঃসাহসিক) [Bravado] (Based on Diamonds Are Forever by Ian Fleming. A James Bond Novel)
  5. Mrityur Sathe Panja (মৃত্যুর সাথে পাঞ্জা) [Palm with the Death] (Based on The Last Frontier by Alistair MacLean. Spy Adventure)
  6. Durgom Durgo (দুর্গম দুর্গ) [The Unreachable Fortress] (Based on The Guns of Navarone by Alistair MacLean. Spy Adventure)
  7. Shotru Bhoyonkor (শত্রু ভয়ংকর) [Deadly Enemy] (Based on Fear Is the Key by Alistair MacLean. Spy Adventure)
  8. Sagor Songom Part 1 (সাগর সঙ্গম প্রথম খণ্ড) [Sea Confluence] (Based on Moonraker and The Spy Who Loved Me by Ian Fleming. James Bond Novels)
  9. Sagor Songom Part 2 (সাগর সঙ্গম দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  10. Rana Shabdhan! (রানা সাবধান !!) [Rana Beware!] (Based on Assignment - Cong Hai Kill by Edward S. Aarons. A Sam Durell Novel)
  11. Bishmaron (বিস্মরণ) [Amnesia] (Based on Strictly for Cash by James Hadley Chase.)
  12. Ratnodweep (রত্নদ্বীপ) [Treasure Island] (Based on When Eight Bells Toll by Alistair MacLean. Thriller)
  13. Neel Atonko Part 1 (নীল আতংক প্রথম খণ্ড) [Blue Terror] (Based on The Satan Bug by Alistair MacLean. Thriller)
  14. Neel Atonko Part 2 (নীল আতংক দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  15. Cairo (কায়রো) (Based on Assignment - Ceylon by Edward S. Aarons. A Sam Durell Novel)
  16. Mrityuprohor (মৃত্যুপ্রহর) [Hour of Death] (Based on Where Eagles Dare by Alistair MacLean. Spy Adventure)
  17. Gupto Chokro (গুপ্তচক্র) [The Secret Gang] (Based on The Dark Crusader by Alistair MacLean. Adventure)
  18. Mullo Ek Koti Taka Matro (মূল্য এক কোটি টাকা মাত্র) [Price Taka One Crore Only] (Based on Web of Spies by Nick Carter. Thriller)
  19. Ratri Ondhokar (রাত্রি অন্ধকার) [Dark Night] (Based on Force 10 From Navarone by Alistair MacLean.Espionage Action Thriller)
  20. Jaal (জাল) [Fake]
  21. Atol Singhashon (অটল সিংহাসন) [The Unshakable Throne] (Based on SAS Versus the CIA by Gérard de Villiers.)
  22. Mrityur Thikana (মৃত্যুর ঠিকানা) [Death's Address] (Based on West of Jerusalem by Gérard de Villiers.)
  23. Khapa Nortok (ক্ষ্যাপা নর্তক) [The Mad Dancer] (Based on Assignment - The Cairo Dancers by Edward S. Aarons. A Sam Durell Novel)
  24. Shoitaner Dut (শয়তানের দূত) [Satan's Emissary] (Based on The Copenhagen Affair by John Oram. A The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Novel)
  25. Ekhono Shorojontro (এখনও ষড়যন্ত্র) [Still Conspiracy]
  26. Proman Koi? (প্রমাণ কই?) [Where's the Proof?]
  27. Bipodjonok Part 1 (বিপদজনক প্রথম খণ্ড) [Dangerous] (Same as Mrityur Sathe Panja with only change of opponents. Based on The Last Frontier by Alistair MacLean. Spy Adventure)
  28. Bipodjonok Part 2 (বিপদজনক দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  29. Rokter Rong Part 1 (রক্তের রঙ প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Color of the Blood]
  30. Rokter Rong Part 2 (রক্তের রঙ দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  31. Odrissho Shotru (অদৃশ্য শত্রু) [The Enemy Within]
  32. Pishach Dweep (পিশাচ দ্বীপ) [The Island of Evil] (A special, short, but horrifying work. Original Story)
  33. Bideshi Guptochor Part 1 (বিদেশী গুপ্তচর প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Foreign Spy] (Based on Mission to Venice by James Hadley Chase. Thriller)
  34. Bideshi Guptochor Part 2 (বিদেশী গুপ্তচর দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  35. Black Spider Part 1 (ব্ল্যাক স্পাইডার প্রথম খণ্ড) (Based on Mission to Siena by James Hadley Chase. Thriller)
  36. Black Spider Part 2 (ব্ল্যাক স্পাইডার দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  37. Gupto Hatya (গুপ্তহত্যা) [Assassination] (Based on The Exterminator by W.A Ballinger (Wilfred McNeilly).
  38. Teen Shatru (তিন শত্রু) [The Three Devils]
  39. Okosshat Shimanto Part 1 (অকস্মাৎ সীমান্ত প্রথম খণ্ড) [Suddenly the Border] (Based on Have This One on Me by James Hadley Chase.)
  40. Okosshat Shimanto Part 2 (অকস্মাৎ সীমান্ত দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
    First edition cover of Masud Rana-41, titled "Shotorko Shoitan"; cover art by Hashem Khan
  41. Shotorko Shoitan (সতর্ক শয়তান) [Cautious Devil] (Based on The Way to Dusty Death by Alistair MacLean. Thriller)
  42. Neel Chobi Part 1 (নীল ছবি প্রথম খণ্ড) [Blue Film] (Based on The Whiff of Money by James Hadley Chase. Thriller)
  43. Neel Chobi Part 2 (নীল ছবি দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  44. Probesh Nished Part 1 (প্রবেশ নিষেধ প্রথম খণ্ড) [No Entry] (Based on Puppet on a Chain by Alistair MacLean. Thriller)
  45. Probesh Nished Part 2 (প্রবেশ নিষেধ দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  46. Pagol Boigganik (পাগল বৈজ্ঞানিক) [The Mad Scientist] (Based on The Danger Key by Nick Carter. Thriller)
  47. Espionage Part 1 (এসপিওনাজ প্রথম খণ্ড) (Based on You Have Yourself a Deal by James Hadley Chase. Spy Thriller)
  48. Espionage Part 2 (এসপিওনাজ দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  49. Laal Paharr (লাল পাহাড়) [Red Mountain] (Based on Mackenna's Gold by Will Henry. Treasure-hunting Adventure.)
  50. Hritkompon (হৃৎকম্পন) [The Heart's Pound]
  51. Protihingsha Part 1 (প্রতিহিংসা প্রথম খণ্ড) [Hatred] (Based on Just Another Sucker by James Hadley Chase. Thriller)
  52. Protihingsha Part 2 (প্রতিহিংসা দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  53. Hong Kong Shomrat Part 1 (হংকং সম্রাট প্রথম খণ্ড) [The King of Hong Kong] (Based on The Freedom Trap aka The Mackintosh Man by Desmond Bagley. Suspense Thriller)
  54. Hong Kong Shomrat Part 2 (হংকং সম্রাট দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  55. Kuuu! [Kuuu!] (কুউউ!) (Based on Breakheart Pass by Alistair MacLean. Adventure Thriller)
  56. Biday, Rana Part 1 (বিদায়, রানা প্রথম খণ্ড) [Farewell, Rana] (Antarctica adventure) (Based on A Grue of Ice aka The Disappearing Island by Geoffrey Jenkins.)
  57. Biday, Rana Part 2 (বিদায়, রানা দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  58. Biday, Rana Part 3 (বিদায়, রানা তৃতীয় খণ্ড)
  59. Protidondi Part 1 (প্রতিদ্বন্ধী প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Competitor] (In this book Rana was supposed to marry Rebecca , but she was killed)
  60. Protidondi Part 2 (প্রতিদ্বন্ধী দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  61. Akromon Part 1 (আক্রমণ প্রথম খণ্ড) [Attack]
  62. Akromon Part 2 (আক্রমণ দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  63. Grash Part 1 (গ্রাস প্রথম খণ্ড) [Eclipse] (Based on Landslide by Desmond Bagley. Suspense Thriller)
  64. Grash Part 2 (গ্রাস দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  65. Shwarnotori Part 1 (স্বর্ণতরী প্রথম খণ্ড) [Ship of Gold] (Suspense adventure) (Based on The Golden Keel by Desmond Bagley)
  66. Shwarnotori Part 2 (স্বর্ণতরী দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  67. Poppy (পপি) (Based on The Spoilers by Desmond Bagley. Action Thriller)
  68. Gypsy Part 1 (জিপসী প্রথম খণ্ড) (Based on Caravan to Vaccarès by Alistair MacLean. Thriller)
  69. Gypsy Part 2 (জিপসী দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  70. Ameei Rana Part 1 (আমিই রানা প্রথম খণ্ড) [I Am Rana] (Based on The Tightrope Men by Desmond Bagley.Espionage Thriller)
  71. Ameei Rana Part 2 (আমিই রানা দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  72. Shei U Sen Part 1 (সেই উ সেন প্রথম খণ্ড) [That U Sen] (Based on The Day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyth. Thriller)
  73. Shei U Sen Part 2 (সেই উ সেন দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  74. Hello, Shohana Part 1 (হ্যালো সোহানা প্রথম খণ্ড) (Based on The Deep by Peter Benchley. Thriller)
  75. Hello, Shohana Part 2 (হ্যালো সোহানা দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  76. Hijack Part 1 (হাইজ্যাক প্রথম খণ্ড) (Based on High Citadel by Desmond Bagley. Adventure thriller)
  77. Hijack Part 2 (হাইজ্যাক দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  78. I Love You, Man Part 1 (আই লাভ ইউ, ম্যান প্রথম খণ্ড) (Based on The Eye of the Tiger by Wilbur Smith. Treasure Hunting Thriller)
  79. I Love You, Man Part 2 (আই লাভ ইউ, ম্যান দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  80. I Love You, Man Part 3 (আই লাভ ইউ, ম্যান তৃতীয় খণ্ড)
  81. Sagor Konna Part 1 (সাগরকন্যা প্রথম খণ্ড) [Sea Maiden] (Based on Seawitch by Alistair MacLean. Thriller)
  82. Sagor Konna Part 2 (সাগরকন্যা দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  83. Palabe Kothay Part 1 (পালাবে কোথায় প্রথম খণ্ড) [No Where to Run] (Based on Running Blind by Desmond Bagley) (Spy Thriller)
  84. Palabe Kothay Part 2 (পালাবে কোথায় দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  85. Target Nine Part 1 (টার্গেট নাইন প্রথম খণ্ড) (Based on The Dark of the Sun by Wilbur Smith. Action Adventure)
  86. Target Nine Part 2 (টার্গেট নাইন দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  87. Bish Nishshas Part 1 (বিষ নিশ্বাস প্রথম খণ্ড) [Poisonous Breath] (Based on Why Pick on Me? by James Hadley Chase. Thriller)
  88. Bish Nishshas Part 2 (বিষ নিশ্বাস দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  89. Pretatma Part 1 (প্রেতাত্মা প্রথম খণ্ড) [Ghost] (Based on Vixen 03 by Clive Cussler. Suspense adventure)
  90. Pretatma Part 2 (প্রেতাত্মা দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  91. Bondi Gogol (বন্দী গগল) [Gogol in Captivity] (Based on Figure It Out for Yourself / The Marijuana Mob by James Hadley Chase. Thriller)
  92. Zimmy (জিম্মি) [Hostage] (Based on Hostage Tower by John Denis. Thriller)
  93. Tushar Jatra Part 1 (তুষার যাত্রা প্রথম খণ্ড) [Snow Journey] (Based on Avalanche Express by Colin Forbes. Spy Thriller.)
    Cover of another typical Masud Rana title: Udhhar, or Rescue.
  94. Tushar Jatra Part 2 (তুষার যাত্রা দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  95. Swarno Songkot Part 1 (স্বর্ণ সংকট প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Gold Trouble] (Based on The Savage Day by Jack Higgins)
  96. Swarno Songkot Part 2 (স্বর্ণ সংকট দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  97. Sonnyashini (সন্ন্যাসিনী) [The Female Saint] (Based on The Khufra Run by Jack Higgins, writing as James Graham)
  98. Pasher Kamra (পাশের কামরা) [The Next Room] (Based on A Coffin from Hong Kong by James Hadley Chase.)
  99. Nirapod Karagar Part 1 (নিরাপদ কারাগার প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Safe Jail]
  100. Nirapod Karagar Part 2 (নিরাপদ কারাগার দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  101. Swargo Rajjya Part 1 (স্বর্গরাজ্য প্রথম খণ্ড) [Utopia] (Based on Iceberg by Clive Cussler. Thriller)
  102. Swargo Rajjya Part 2 (স্বর্গরাজ্য দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  103. Uddhar Part 1 (উদ্ধার প্রথম খণ্ড) [Rescue] (Based on A Cage of Ice by Duncan Kyle. Arctic Adventure.)
  104. Uddhar Part 2 (উদ্ধার দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  105. Humlaa Part 1 (হামলা প্রথম খণ্ড) [Raid] (Based on The Mediterranean Caper by Clive Cussler. Thriller)
  106. Humlaa Part 2 (হামলা দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  107. Protishodh Part 1 (প্রতিশোধ প্রথম খণ্ড) [Revenge] (Based on Mallory by James Hadley Chase. Thriller)
  108. Protishodh Part 2 (প্রতিশোধ দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  109. Major Rahat Part 1 (মেজর রাহাত প্রথম খণ্ড) (Based on The Heights of Zervos by Colin Forbes.)
  110. Major Rahat Part 2 (মেজর রাহাত দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  111. Lelingrad Part 1 (লেনিনগ্রাদ প্রথম খণ্ড) (Based on Ice Station Zebra by Alistair MacLean. Adventure)
  112. Lelingrad Part 2 (লেনিনগ্রাদ দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  113. Ambush Part 1 (অ্যামবুশ প্রথম খণ্ড) (Based on Night Without End by Alistair MacLean. Spy Adventure)
  114. Ambush Part 2 (অ্যামবুশ দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  115. Arek Bermuda Part 1 (আরেক বারমুডা প্রথম খণ্ড) [Another Bermuda] (Based on Pacific Vortex! by Clive Cussler. Adventure Thriller)
  116. Arek Bermuda Part 2 (আরেক বারমুডা দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  117. Benami Bondor Part 1 (বেনামি বন্দর প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Unnamed Port] (Based on Triple by Ken Follett. Spy Thriller)
  118. Benami Bondor Part 2 (বেনামি বন্দর দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  119. Nokol Rana Part 1 (নকল রানা প্রথম খণ্ড) [Duplicate Rana] (Based on Air Force One is Down by Alistair MacLean and John Denis. Suspense adventure)
  120. Nokol Rana Part 2 (নকল রানা দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  121. Reporter Part 1 (রিপোর্টার প্রথম খণ্ড) (Based on Terror's Cradle by Duncan Kyle.)
  122. Reporter Part 2 (রিপোর্টার দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  123. Moru Jatra Part 1 (মরু যাত্রা প্রথম খণ্ড) [Desert Journey] (Based on This Is For Real by James Hadley Chase. Spy Thriller)
  124. Moru Jatra Part 2 (মরু যাত্রা দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  125. Bondhu (বন্ধু) [Friend] (Based on The Ninth Directive by Adam Hall.)
  126. Shongket Part 1 (সংকেত প্রথম খণ্ড) [Signal] (Based on The Key to Rebecca by Ken Follett. Spy Thriller)
  127. Shongket Part 2 (সংকেত দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  128. Shongket Part 3 (সংকেত তৃতীয় খণ্ড)
  129. Spordha Part 1 (স্পর্ধা প্রথম খণ্ড) [Dare] (Based on The Golden Gate by Alistair MacLean)
  130. Spordha Part 2 (স্পর্ধা দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  131. Challenge (চ্যালেঞ্জ)
  132. Shotrupokkho (শত্রুপক্ষ) [The Enemy Side]
  133. Charidike Shatru Part 1 (চারিদিকে শত্রু প্রথম খণ্ড) [Enemy All Around] (Based on Firefox by Craig Thomas. Spy Thriller)
  134. Charidike Shatru Part 2 (চারিদিকে শত্রু দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  135. Agnipurush Part 1 (অগ্নিপুরুষ প্রথম খণ্ড) [Man on Fire] (Based on Man on Fire by A. J. Quinnell. Most of the readers view it as the best. Humayun Ahmed's only adapted novel, Omanush was also written on the main book. Revenge Action Thriller)
  136. Agnipurush Part 2 (অগ্নিপুরুষ দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  137. Andhokare Cheeta Part 1 (অন্ধকারে চিতা প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Leopard in Darkness] (Based on The Leopard Hunts in Darkness by Wilbur Smith. African Adventure Suspense)
  138. Andhokare Cheeta Part 2 (অন্ধকারে চিতা দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  139. Moron Kamor Part 1 (মরণকামড় প্রথম খণ্ড) [Death Sting] (Based on Live and Let Die by Ian Fleming. A James Bond Novel)
  140. Moron Kamor Part 2 (মরণকামড় দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  141. Moron Khela Part 1 (মরণখেলা প্রথম খণ্ড) [Deadly Game] (Based on Target Five by Colin Forbes. Arctic Adventure.)
  142. Moron Khela Part 2 (মরণখেলা দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  143. Apoharon Part 1 (অপহরণ প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Abduction] (Based on Sunflower by Marilyn Sharp. Espionage Thriller)
  144. Apoharon Part 2 (অপহরণ দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  145. Abar Shei Dusshwapno Part 1 (আবার সেই দুঃস্বপ্ন প্রথম খণ্ড) [Again that Nightmare] (Based on Dark Side of The Street by Jack Higgins. Crime Thriller)
  146. Abar Shei Dusshwapno Part 2 (আবার সেই দুঃস্বপ্ন দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  147. Biparjoy Part 1 (বিপর্যয় প্রথম খণ্ড) [Devastation] (Based on Double Jeopardy by Colin Forbes. Suspense Thriller)
  148. Biparjoy Part 2 (বিপর্যয় দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  149. Shantidoot Part 1 (শান্তিদূত প্রথম খণ্ড) [Messenger of Peace] (Based on Telefon by Walter Wager. Spy Thriller)
  150. Shantidoot Part 2 (শান্তিদূত দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  151. Shwet Shontrash Part 1 (শ্বেত সন্ত্রাস প্রথম খণ্ড) [White Terrorism] (Based on Wild Justice by Wilbur Smith. Mystery Thriller)
  152. Shwet Shontrash Part 2 (শ্বেত সন্ত্রাস দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  153. Chodmobeshi (ছদ্মবেশী) [The Disguised One]
  154. Culprit Part 1 (কালপ্রিট প্রথম খণ্ড)
  155. Culprit Part 2 (কালপ্রিট দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  156. Mrityu Alingon Part 1 (মৃত্যু আলিঙ্গন প্রথম খণ্ড) [Embrace of Death] (Based on The Suvarov Adventure by Duncan Kyle. Spy Thriller)
  157. Mrityu Alingon Part 2 (মৃত্যু আলিঙ্গন দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  158. Shomoyshima Moddhorat (সময়্সীমা মধ্যরাত) [Deadline Midnight] (Based on Midnight Plus One by Gavin Lyall. Suspense Adventure)
  159. Abar U Sen Part 1 (আবার উ সেন প্রথম খণ্ড) [Again U Sen](Based on For Special Services by John Gardner. A James Bond Novel)
  160. Abar U Sen Part 2 (আবার উ সেন দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  161. Boomerang (বুমেরাং)
  162. Ke Keno Kibhabe (কে কেন কিভাবে) [Who Why How]
  163. Mukto Bihongo Part 1 (মুক্ত বিহঙ্গ প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Free Bird] (Based on Cry Wolf by Wilbur Smith. African adventure)
  164. Mukto Bihongo Part 2 (মুক্ত বিহঙ্গ দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  165. Kuchakra (কুচক্র) [The Evil Circle]
  166. Chai Shamrajya Part 1 (চাই সাম্রাজ্য প্রথম খণ্ড) [I Want the Empire] (Based on Treasure by Clive Cussler. Treasure Hunting Adventure Thriller)
  167. Chai Shamrajya Part 2 (চাই সাম্রাজ্য দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  168. Onuprobesh Part 1 (অনুপ্রবেশ প্রথম খণ্ড) [Infiltration] (Based on Nobody Lives for Ever by John Gardner. A James Bond Novel)
  169. Onuprobesh Part 2 (অনুপ্রবেশ দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  170. Jatra Oshubho Part 1 (যাত্রা অশুভ প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Ominous Journey] (Based on The White South aka The Survivors by Hammond Innes. Antarctic Adventure.)
  171. Jatra Oshubho Part 2 (যাত্রা অশুভ দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  172. Juari Part 1 (জুয়াড়ী প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Gambler] (Based on Just the Way It Is by James Hadley Chase. Thriller)
  173. Juari Part 2 (জুয়াড়ী দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  174. Kalo Taka Part 1 (কালো টাকা প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Black Money] (Based on The Swiss Conspiracy by Michael Stanley. Thriller)
  175. Kalo Taka Part 2 (কালো টাকা দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  176. Cocaine Shomrat Part 1 (কোকেন সম্রাট প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Cocaine Emperor] (Based on White Gamma by David Chacko. Thriller)
  177. Cocaine Shomrat Part 2 (কোকেন সম্রাট দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  178. Bishkonnya Part 1 (বিষকন্যা প্রথম খণ্ড) [Poisonous Girl]
  179. Bishkonnya Part 2 (বিষকন্যা দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  180. Sattya Baba Part 1 (সত্য বাবা প্রথম খণ্ড) [Father Truth] (Based on Scorpius by John Gardner. A James Bond Novel)
  181. Sattya Baba Part 2 (সত্য বাবা দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  182. Jaatrira Hooshiyar (যাত্রীরা হুঁশিয়ার) [Passengers Beware]
  183. Operation Cheetah (অপারেশন চিতা)
  184. Akroman '89 Part 1 (আক্রমণ '৮৯ প্রথম খণ্ড) [Attack '89] (Based on Win, Lose or Die by John Gardner. A James Bond Novel)
  185. Akroman '89 Part 2 (আক্রমণ '৮৯ দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  186. Assanta Sagor Part 1 (অশান্ত সাগর প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Untamed Sea] (Based on Night of Error by Desmond Bagley. Suspense Thriller)
  187. Assanta Sagor Part 2 (অশান্ত সাগর দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  188. Shapod Shonkul Part 1 (শ্বাপদ সংকুল প্রথম খণ্ড) [Full of Beasts] (Based on A Time to Die by Wilbur Smith.)
  189. Shapod Shonkul Part 2 (শ্বাপদ সংকুল দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  190. Shapod Shonkul Part 3 (শ্বাপদ সংকুল তৃতীয় খণ্ড)
  191. Dongshon Part 1 (দংশন প্রথম খণ্ড) [Sting] (Based on When the Lion Feeds by Wilbur Smith.)
  192. Dongshon Part 2 (দংশন দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  193. Proloy Sangket Part 1 (প্রলয় সংকেত প্রথম খণ্ড) [Signal of Destruction] (Based on The Doomsday Conspiracy by Sidney Sheldon. Sci-Fi Thriller)
  194. Proloy Sangket Part 2 (প্রলয় সংকেত দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  195. Black Magic Part 1 (ব্ল্যাক ম্যাজিক প্রথম খণ্ড) (Based on The Spear by James Herbert. Nazi Occultism and the Holy Lance Adventure Thriller)
  196. Black Magic Part 2 (ব্ল্যাক ম্যাজিক দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  197. Tikto Obokash Part 1 (তিক্ত অবকাশ প্রথম খণ্ড) [A Bitter Holiday] (Based on You Find Him, I'll Fix Him by James Hadley Chase. Crime Thriller)
  198. Tikto Obokash Part 2 (তিক্ত অবকাশ দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  199. Double Agent Part 1 (ডাবল এজেন্ট প্রথম খণ্ড) (Based on No Deals, Mr. Bond by John Gardner. A James Bond Novel)
  200. Double Agent Part 2 (ডাবল এজেন্ট দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  201. Ami Shohana Part 1 (আমি সোহানা প্রথম খণ্ড) [I Am Shohana] (Based on A Taste for Death by Peter O'Donnell. A Modesty Blaise Novel)
  202. Ami Shohana Part 2 (আমি সোহানা দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  203. Agni Shapoth Part 1 (অগ্নি শপথ প্রথম খণ্ড) [Fire Oath]
  204. Agni Shapoth Part 2 (অগ্নি শপথ দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  205. Japani Fanatic Part 1 (জাপানি ফ্যানাটিক প্রথম খণ্ড) [Japanese Fanatic] (Based on Dragon by Clive Cussler. Suspense Adventure)
  206. Japani Fanatic Part 2 (জাপানি ফ্যানাটিক দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  207. Japani Fanatic Part 3 (জাপানি ফ্যানাটিক তৃতীয় খণ্ড)
  208. Shakkhat Shoitan Part 1 (সাক্ষাৎ শয়্তান প্রথম খণ্ড) [Real Devil] (Based on I, Lucifer by Peter O'Donnell. A Modesty Blaise Novel)
  209. Shakkhat Shoitan Part 2 (সাক্ষাৎ শয়্তান দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  210. Guptoghatok Part 1 (গুপ্তঘাতক প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Assassin] (Based on Alistair MacLean's Time of the Assassins by Alastair MacNeill. Thriller)
  211. Guptoghatok Part 2 (গুপ্তঘাতক দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  212. Naropishach Part 1 (নরপিশাচ প্রথম খণ্ড) [Fiend] (Based on Elephant Song by Wilbur Smith. Suspense African Adventure)
  213. Naropishach Part 2 (নরপিশাচ দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  214. Naropishach Part 3 (নরপিশাচ তৃতীয় খণ্ড)
  215. Shatru Bibhishon Part 1 (শত্রু বিভীষণ প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Enemy Within] (Based on The Negotiator by Frederick Forsyth. Espionage Thriller)
  216. Shatru Bibhishon Part 2 (শত্রু বিভীষণ দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  217. Andho Shikari Part 1 (অন্ধ শিকারি প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Blind Hunter] (Based on The Fourth Protocol by Frederick Forsyth. Espionage Thriller)
  218. Andho Shikari Part 2 (অন্ধ শিকারি দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  219. Dui Nombor Part 1 (দুই নম্বর প্রথম খণ্ড) [Number Two] (Based on Icebreaker by John Gardner. Action Thriller. A James Bond Novel)
  220. Dui Nombor Part 2 (দুই নম্বর দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  221. Krisnopokkho Part 1 (কৃষ্ণপক্ষ প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Dark Moon] (Based on Brokenclaw by John Gardner. A James Bond Novel)
  222. Krisnopokkho Part 2 (কৃষ্ণপক্ষ দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  223. Kaalo Chayya Part 1 (কালো ছায়া প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Black Shadow]
  224. Kaalo Chayya Part 2 (কালো ছায়া দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  225. Nokol Biggyani Part 1 (নকল বিজ্ঞানী প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Fake Scientist] (Based on Believed Violent by James Hadley Chase. Spy Thriller)
  226. Nokol Biggyani Part 2 (নকল বিজ্ঞানী দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  227. Boro Khudha Part 1 (বড় ক্ষুধা প্রথম খণ্ড) [Huge Hunger] (Based on The Beast by Peter Benchley. Creature-hunting Adventure Thriller)
  228. Boro Khudha Part 2 (বড় ক্ষুধা দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  229. Shwarnodeep Part 1 (স্বর্ণদ্বীপ প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Island of Gold] (Based on Bear Island by Alistair MacLean. Suspense Adventure)
  230. Shwarnodeep Part 2 (স্বর্ণদ্বীপ দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  231. Rokto Pipasa Part 1 (রক্ত পিপাসা প্রথম খণ্ড) [Blood Thirst] (Based on Inca Gold by Clive Cussler. Adventure Thriller)
  232. Rokto Pipasa Part 2 (রক্ত পিপাসা দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  233. Rokto Pipasa Part 3 (রক্ত পিপাসা তৃতীয় খণ্ড)
  234. Opocchaya Part 1 (অপছায়া প্রথম খণ্ড) [Phantom] (Based on Death is Forever by John Gardner. A James Bond Novel)
  235. Opocchaya Part 2 (অপছায়া দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  236. Bartho Mission Part 1 (ব্যর্থ মিশন প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Failed Mission]
  237. Bartho Mission Part 2 (ব্যর্থ মিশন দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  238. Neel Dongshon Part 1 (নীল দংশন প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Blue Bite]
  239. Neel Dongshon Part 2 (নীল দংশন দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  240. Saudia-103 Part 1 (সাউদিয়া-১০৩ প্রথম খণ্ড) (Based on The Perfect Kill by A. J. Quinnell. Action Thriller)
  241. Saudia-103 Part 2 (সাউদিয়া-১০৩ দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  242. Kalpurush Part 1 (কালপুরুষ প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Protagonist] (Based on The Cleaner by Brett Battles. Thriller)
  243. Kalpurush Part 2 (কালপুরুষ দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  244. Kalpurush Part 3 (কালপুরুষ তৃতীয় খণ্ড)
  245. Neel Bajro Part 1 (নীল বজ্র প্রথম খণ্ড) [Blue Thunder] (Based on Goldeneye by John Gardner. A James Bond Novel)
  246. Neel Bajro Part 2 (নীল বজ্র দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  247. Mtityur Protinidhi Part 1 (মৃত্যুর প্রতিনিধি প্রথম খণ্ড) [Messenger of Death]
  248. Mtityur Protinidhi Part 2 (মৃত্যুর প্রতিনিধি দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  249. Kaalkut Part 1 (কালকূট প্রথম খণ্ড) [Toxin] (Based on Sahara by Clive Cussler. Suspense Adventure Thriller)
  250. Kaalkut Part 2 (কালকূট দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  251. Kaalkut Part 3 (কালকূট তৃতীয় খণ্ড)
  252. Omanisha Part 1 (অমানিশা প্রথম খণ্ড) [Darkness]
  253. Omanisha Part 2 (অমানিশা দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  254. Shobai Chole Geche Part 1 (সবাই চলে গেছে প্রথম খণ্ড) [Everyone Has Left] (Based on The Wild Geese by Daniel Carney.)
  255. Shobai Chole Geche Part 2 (সবাই চলে গেছে দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  256. Anonto Jatra Part 1 (অনন্ত যাত্রা প্রথম খণ্ড) [Endless Journey] (Based on Campbell's Kingdom by Hammond Innes.)
  257. Anonto Jatra Part 2 (অনন্ত যাত্রা দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  258. Roktochosha (রক্ত চোষা) [Blood Sucker] (রক্ত চোষা) (Based on The Eyes of Darkness by Dean Koontz)
  259. Kalo File Part 1 (কালো ফাইল প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Black File] (Based on Icon by Frederick Forsyth. Thriller)
  260. Kalo File Part 2 (কালো ফাইল দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  261. Kalo File Part 3 (কালো ফাইল তৃতীয় খণ্ড)
  262. Mafia (মাফিয়া)
  263. Hirok Shomrat Part 1 (হীরক সম্রাট প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Diamond King] (Based on Shock Wave by Clive Cussler. Suspense Adventure)
  264. Hirok Shomrat Part 2 (হীরক সম্রাট দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  265. Saat Rajar Dhon (সাত রাজার ধন) [The Most Precious] (Based on Maddon's Rock by Hammond Innes. Sea Adventure)
  266. Shesh Chaal Part 1 (শেষ চাল প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Last Gamble] (Based on The Seventh Scroll by Wilbur Smith. Treasure Hnting Adventure)
  267. Shesh Chaal Part 2 (শেষ চাল দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  268. Shesh Chaal Part 3 (শেষ চাল তৃতীয় খণ্ড)
  269. Big Bang (বিগ ব্যাং) (Based on The Day Before Midnight by Stephen Hunter.Action thriller)
  270. Operation Bosnia (অপারেশন বসনিয়া)
  271. Target Bangladesh (টার্গেট বাংলাদেশ) (Based on Tomorrow Never Dies by Raymond Benson. A James Bond Novel)
  272. Mohaproloy (মহাপ্রলয়) [Doomsday]
  273. Juddhobaaz (যুদ্ধবাজ) [Fighter]
  274. Princess Hiya Part 1 (প্রিন্সেস হিয়া প্রথম খণ্ড) (Based on Flood Tide by Clive Cussler. Treasure hunting Adventure)
  275. Princess Hiya Part 2 (প্রিন্সেস হিয়া দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  276. Mrityu Faand (মৃত্যুফাঁদ) [Death Trap] (Based on There's a Hippie on the Highway by James Hadley Chase. Thriller)
  277. Shoitaner Ghati (শয়্তানের ঘাটি) [Abode of the Devil]
  278. Dhongsher Noksha (ধ্বংসের নকশা) [The Design of Destruction] (Based on Licence Renewed by John Gardner. A James Bond Novel)
  279. Mayan Treasure (মায়ান ট্রেজার) (Based on The Vivero Letter by Desmond Bagley. Adventure)
  280. Jhorer Purbabhash (ঝড়ের পূর্বাভাস) [Storm Warning] (Based on Wyatt's Hurricane by Desmond Bagley. Suspense thriller)
  281. Akranto Dutabash (আক্রান্ত দূতাবাস) [Embassy Under Attack] (Based on Siege of Silence by A. J. Quinnell. Action Thriller)
  282. Jonmobhumi (জন্মভূমি) [Mother Land]
  283. Durgom Giri (দূর্গম গিরি) [The Unreachable Hill]
  284. Moron Jatra (মরণ যাত্রা) [The Journey to Death] (Based on The Cassandra Crossing by Robert Katz. Suspense Adventure Thriller)
  285. Madokchokro (মাদকচক্র) [Drug Ring]
  286. Shakuner Chhaya Part 1 (শকুনের ছায়া প্রথম খণ্ড) [Vulture's Shadow] (Based on On Wings of Eagles by Ken Follett. Spy Thriller)
  287. Shakuner Chhaya Part 2 (শকুনের ছায়া দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  288. Turuper Taash (তুরুপের তাস) [The Ace of Spade]
  289. Kalshap (কালসাপ) [The King Cobra] (Based on The Cobra Kill by Nick Carter-Killmaster.)
  290. Goodbye, Rana (গুডবাই, রানা) (Based on Licence to Kill by John Gardner. A James Bond Novel)
  291. Shima Longhon (সীমা লঙ্ঘন) [Beyond the Limit]
  292. Rudrojhor (রুদ্রঝড়) [Raging Storm] (Based on The Trojan Horse by Hammond Innes.)
  293. Kantar Moru (কান্তার মরু) [The Impassable Desert] (Based on The Z Document by Nick Carter-Killmaster.)
  294. Korkoter Bish (কর্কটের বিষ) [Poison of the Scorpion] (Based on Black Horn by A. J. Quinnell.)
  295. Boston Jolche (বোস্টন জ্বলছে) [Boston is Burning] (Based on Boston Blitz by Don Pendleton.)
  296. Shoitaner Doshor (শয়তানের দোসর) [Satan's Friend]
  297. Noroker Thikana (নরকের ঠিকানা) [Address of Hell]
  298. Agnibaan (অগ্নিবাণ) [Spear of Fire]
  299. Kuheli Raat (কুহেলী রাত) [Foggy Night] (Based on Cambodia by Nick Carter.)
  300. Bishakto Thaba (বিষাক্ত থাবা) [Poisonus Claw]
  301. Jonmoshotru (জন্মশত্রু) [Nemesis]
  302. Mrityur Haatchani (মৃত্যুর হাতছানি) [Call of Death]
  303. Shei Pagol Bogganik (সেই পাগল বৈজ্ঞানিক) [That Mad Scientist]
  304. Serbia Chokranto (সার্বিয়া চক্রান্ত) [Serbian Plot]
  305. Durobhisondhi (দুরভিসন্ধি) [Sinister Motive] (Based on Inca Death Squad by Nick Carter-Killmaster. Thriller)
  306. Killer Cobra (কিলার কোবরা) (Based on Codename: Werewolf by Nick Carter-Killmaster.)
  307. Mrityu Pother Jatri (মৃত্যু পথের যাত্রী) [Passenger of Death] (Based on COLD aka Cold Fall by John Gardner. A James Bond Novel)
  308. Palao, Rana! (পালাও, রানা!) [Run, Rana!]
  309. Deshprem (দেশপ্রেম) [Patriotism]
  310. Roktolalosha (রক্তলালসা) [Blood Thirst]
  311. Bagher Khacha (বাঘের খাঁচা) [Tiger's Den]
  312. Secret Agent (সিক্রেট এজেন্ট)
  313. Virus X-99 (ভাইরাস এক্স-৯৯)
  314. Muktipon (মুক্তিপণ) [Ransom]
  315. Chin e Shongkot (চীনে সংকট) [Trouble in China]
  316. Gopon Shotru (গোপন শত্রু) [The Hidden Enemy]
  317. Mossad Chokranto (মোসাদ চক্র) [Mossad Conspiracy]
  318. Chorosdeep (চরসদ্বীপ) [Canabis Island]
  319. Bipodsheema (বিপদসীমা) [Danger Line]
  320. Mrityubeez (মৃত্যুবীজ) [Death Seed]
  321. Jaat Gokhkhur (জাত গোক্ষুর) [Cobra by Nature]
  322. Abar Shorojontro (আবার ষড়যন্ত্র) [Conspiracy Again] (Original Story, theme from the movie Eraser)
  323. Ondho Akrosh (অন্ধ আক্রোশ) [Blind Rage]
  324. Oshubho Prohor (অশুভ প্রহর) [The Ominous Hours] (Based on The Spy Who Loved Me by Christopher Wood.)
  325. Konoktori (কনকতরী) [The Boat of Gold]
  326. Shwarnokoni Part 1 (স্বর্ণখনি প্রথম খণ্ড) [Gold Mine] (Based on Valhalla Rising by Clive Cussler. Treasure Hunting Adventure)
  327. Shwarnokoni Part 2 (স্বর্ণখনি দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  328. Operation Israel (অপারেশন ইসরায়েল)
  329. Shoitaner Upashok (শয়তানের উপাসক) [The Worshiper of Satan] (Based on Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom)
  330. Harano Mig (হারানো মিগ) [The Lost MiG]
  331. Blind Mission (ব্লাইন্ড মিশন)
  332. Top Secret Part 1 (টপ সিক্রেট প্রথম খণ্ড) (Based on Colonel Sun: a James Bond Adventure by Kingsley Amis. Spy Thriller. A James Bond Novel)
  333. Top Secret Part 2 (টপ সিক্রেট দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  334. Mohabipod Shongket (মহাবিপদ সংকেত) [Danger Signal] (Based on Moonraker by Christopher Wood.)
  335. Sobuj Shongket (সবুজ সংকেত) [The Green Signal]
  336. Operation Kanchanjongha (অপারেশন কাঞ্চনজঙ্ঘা) [Operation Kanchanjongha] (Based on High Time to Kill by Raymond Benson. A James Bond Novel)
  337. Gohin Aronyo (গহীন অরণ্য) [Deep Jungle] (Based on Congo by Michael Crichton. Action Thriller)
  338. Project X-15 (প্রজেক্ট X-15)
  339. Ondhokarer Bondhu (অন্ধকারের বন্ধু) [The Friend of Darkness] (Based on The Solar Menace by Nick Carter-Killmaster. Thriller)
  340. Abar Shohana (আবার সোহানা) [Shohana Again]
  341. Arek Godfather (আরেক গডফাদার) [Another Godfather]
  342. Andho Prem (অন্ধ প্রেম) [Blind Love] (Based on The World Is Not Enough by Raymond Benson. A James Bond Novel)
  343. Mission Tel Aviv (মিশন তেল আবিব)
  344. Crime Boss (ক্রাইম বস)
  345. Shumerur Daak Part 1 (সুমেরুর ডাক প্রথম খণ্ড) [Call of the North Pole] (Based on Whiteout (also released as 'In Deep.') by Duncan Kyle.)
  346. Shumerur Daak Part 2 (সুমেরুর ডাক দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  347. Ishkaponer Tekka (ইশকাপনের টেক্কা) [The Ace of Spade]
  348. Kalo Noksha (কালো নকশা) [The Black Design] (Based on The List by Nick Carter-Killmaster.)
  349. Kalnagini (কালনাগিনী) [She-Snake]
  350. Beimaan (বেঈমান) [Traitor]
  351. Durgee Antoreen (দূর্গে অন্তরীন) [Confined in the Castle]
  352. Moru Konna (মরু কন্যা) [Desert Girl] (Based on Raiders of the Lost Ark [Novelization of the Indiana Jones Movie of the same title] by Campbell Black.)
  353. Red Dragon (রেড ড্রাগন) (Based on Like a Hole in the Head by James Hadley Chase. Thriller)
  354. Bishchokro (বিষচক্র) [Poison Ring] (Based on Istanbul by Nick Carter-Killmaster. Thriller)
  355. Shoitaner Dweep (শয়্তানের দ্বীপ) [Island of Evil] (Based on Dr. No by Ian Flemming. A James Bond Novel)
  356. Mafia Don (মাফিয়া ডন)
  357. Harano Atlantis Part 1 (হারানো আটলান্টিস প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Lost Atlantis] (Based on Atlantis Found by Clive Cussler. Adventure Thriller)
  358. Harano Atlantis Part 2 (হারানো আটলান্টিস দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  359. Mtityubaan (মৃত্যুবাণ) [Spear of Death] (Based on Thunderball by Ian Flemming. A James Bond Novel)
  360. Commando Mission (কমান্ডো মিশন)
  361. Shesh Hashi Part 1 (শেষ হাসি প্রথম খণ্ড) [Last Laugh] (Based on Temple by Matthew Reilly. Adventure Thriller)
  362. Shesh Hashi Part 2 (শেষ হাসি দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  363. Smuggler (স্মাগলার) [Smuggler] (Based on Goldfinger by Ian Flemming. A James Bond Novel)
  364. Bondi Rana (বন্দী রানা) [Rana Confined]
  365. Nater Guru (নাটের গুরু) [Crime Boss]
  366. Asche Cyclone (আসছে সাইক্লোন) [Cyclone's Coming]
  367. Shahojoddha (সহযোদ্ধা) [Fellow Soldier] (Based on Rambo III by David Morrell. Action Thriller)
  368. Gupto Shongket Part 1 (গুপ্ত সংকেত প্রথম খণ্ড) [Secret Code] (Based on The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Suspense Thriller)
  369. Gupto Shongket Part 2 (গুপ্ত সংকেত দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  370. Criminal (ক্রিমিনাল) (Same as Bondi Gogol, Based on Figure It Out for Yourself / The Marijuana Mob by James Hadley Chase. Thriller)
  371. Beduyin Konna (বেদুইন কন্যা) [Gypsy Lady]
  372. Arokhkhito Jalshima (অরক্ষিত জলসীমা) [Unguarded Waterline](Based on Saigon by Nick Carter. Thriller)
  373. Duronto Eagle Part 1 (দুরন্ত ঈগল প্রথম খণ্ড) [Daredevil Eagle] (Based on Assignment - White Rajah by Edward S. Aarons. A Sam Durell Novel)
  374. Duronto Eagle Part 2 (দুরন্ত ঈগল দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  375. Shorpolata (সর্পলতা) [Snake Vine]
  376. Amanush (অমানুষ) [Inhuman] (Based on White Shark by Peter Benchley. Creature-hunting adventure thriller)
  377. Okhondo Aboshor (অখন্ড অবসর) [Undisturbed Retirement]
  378. Sniper Part 1 (স্নাইপার প্রথম খণ্ড) (Based on Point of Impact by Stephen Hunter. Thriller, considered as one of the best books of the series)
  379. Sniper Part 2 (স্নাইপার দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  380. Casino Andaman (ক্যাসিনো আন্দামান)
  381. Jalrakkhosh (জলরাক্ষস) [Water Monster] (Based on Killer by Peter Tonkin. Creature-hunting adventure.)
  382. Mrityusheetal Sparsho Part 1 (মৃ্ত্যুশীতল স্পর্শ প্রথম খণ্ড) [Death-cold Touch] (Based on Pandora's Curse by Jack Du Brul. Arctic Adventure Thriller. A Phillip Mercer Novel)
  383. Mrityusheetal Sparsho Part 2 (মৃ্ত্যুশীতল স্পর্শ দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  384. Swopner Bhalobasha (স্বপ্নের ভালোবাসা) [Dream Love] (Based on The Flesh of the Orchid by James Hadley Chase. Thriller)
    1. Khune Pishach (খুনে পিশাচ) [Murderous Devil] (Based on For Your Eyes Only by Ian Flemming. A James Bond Short Story)
    2. Bideshi Boigganik (বিদেশী বৈজ্ঞানিক) [The Foreign Scientist]
  385. Hacker Part 1 (হ্যাকার প্রথম খণ্ড) (Another completely original book, published in June-July 2008, probably the best among Hussain's original works.)
  386. Hacker Part 2 (হ্যাকার দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  387. Khune Mafia (খুনে মাফিয়া) [Murderous Mafia] (Based on I'll Bury My Dead by James Hadley Chase.)
  388. Nikhoj [Missing] (নিঁখোজ) (Based on The Bend in the River by David George Deutsch. Amazon Adventure)
  389. Bush Pilot (বুশ পাইলট) [Bush Pilot] (Based on East of Desolation by Jack Higgins.)
    1. Khuner Dae (খুনের দায়) [The Burden of Death]
  390. Achena Bondor Part 1 (অচেনা বন্দর প্রথম খণ্ড) [Unknown Port] (Based on The Dogs of War by Frederick Forsyth. Thriller)
  391. Achena Bondor Part 2 (অচেনা বন্দর দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  392. Blackmailer (ব্ল্যাকমেইলার) (Based on The Silver Mistress by Peter O'Donnell. A Modesty Blaise Novel)
  393. Antordhan Part 1 (অন্তর্ধান প্রথম খণ্ড) [The Vanishing]
  394. Antordhan Part 2 (অন্তর্ধান দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  395. Drug Lord (ড্রাগ লর্ড) [Drug Lord] (Based on Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulks. A James Bond Novel)
  396. Dwipantor (দ্বীপান্তর) [Exile] (Based on Hell Island by Matthew Reilly. A Shane Schofield Novel)
  397. Gupto Atotayee Part 1 (গুপ্ত আততায়ী প্রথম খণ্ড) [Secret Assassin] (Based on Black Light by Stephen Hunter)
  398. Gupto Atotayee Part 2 (গুপ্ত আততায়ী দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  399. Bipode Sohana (বিপদে সোহানা) [Sohana in Danger] [Story collection]
    1. Bipode Sohana (বিপদে সোহানা)[Sohana in Danger]
    2. Rana-Sohana (রানা সোহানা)
    3. Khuner Dae (খুনের দায়)[The Burden of Death]
    4. Khune Pishach (খুনে পিশাচ) [Murderous Devil] (Based on For Your Eyes Only by Ian Flemming. A James Bond Short Story)
    5. Bideshi Boigganik (বিদেশি বৈজ্ঞানিক) [The Foreign Scientist]
  400. Chai Oishwarjo Part 1 (চাই ঐশ্বর্য প্রথম খণ্ড) [I Want The Riches] (Based on The Medusa Stone by Jack Du Brul.Adventure Thriller. A Phillip Mercer Novel)
  401. Chai Oishwarjo Part 2 (চাই ঐশ্বর্য দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  402. Swarno Biporjoy Part 1 (স্বর্ণ বিপর্যয় প্রথম খণ্ড) [Golden Disaster] (Based on Dark Watch by Jack Du Brul & Clive Cussler. A Juan Cabrillo Novel of the Oregon Files Series)
  403. Swarno Biporjoy Part 2 (স্বর্ণ বিপর্যয় দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  404. Killmaster (কিলমাস্টার)
  405. Mrityur Ticket (মৃত্যুর টিকেট) [Ticket of Death] (Based on Speed 2: Cruise Control: Movie Novelization by George Ryan)
  406. Kurukhetra Part 1 (কুরুক্ষেত্র প্রথম খণ্ড) [War Zone] (Based on Lost City by Paul Kemprecos & Clive Cussler. A NUMA Files adventure novel)
  407. Kurukhetra Part 2 (কুরুক্ষেত্র দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  408. Climber (ক্লাইম্বার) (Based on Cliffhanger By Jeff Rovin [Novelization of the screenplay by Michael France and Sylvester Stallone])
  409. Agun Niye Khela Part 1 (আগুন নিয়ে খেলা প্রথম খণ্ড) [Playing with Fire] (Based on Treasure of Khan by Clive Cussler & Dirk Cussler).
  410. Agun Niye Khela Part 2 (আগুন নিয়ে খেলা দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)
  411. Moruswargo (মরুস্বর্গ) [Desert Heaven]
  412. Shei Kuasha Part 1 (সেই কুয়াশা প্রথম খণ্ড) [That Kuasha] (Crossover novel of Hussain's Masud Rana and Kuasha Series. Another great book.)
  413. Shei Kuasha Part 2 (সেই কুয়াশা দ্বিতীয় খণ্ড)

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