Hrimhari is a fictional character and part of the Marvel Comics universe. He was first introduced in the "New Mutants Special Edition" #1 (1985).

Fictional character biography

A descendant of Fenris, Hrimhari is the Wolf Prince in the realm of Asgard. He presides over all wolves in the enchanted woods of that land, but retains a humble and gentile demeanor not normally associated with that of royalty. He has the ability to change his form from that of a Gray Wolf to a shape more resembling a werewolf from lore. He is highly respected by the people of Asgard, and is said to be a true friend of Hogun the Grim.

When the New Mutants were magically sent to Asgard, Wolfsbane met Hrimhari in a wood while being chased by giants. Immediately enchanted by her, Hrimhari saved Rahne and the two became almost inseparable. The god Loki managed to capture the two lovers and transformed them into more sinister versions of their werewolf forms under his servitude. Under these guises they were known as Grimfang and Bleakheart. They were eventually changed back to their original selves but were forced to be separated once Rahne returned to Earth. Rhane had wanted to be with Hrimhari more but to do so would force the other X-Men and New Mutants to stay behind also.

After this the death goddess Hela tried to take over Asgard. Part of her plan to conquer Asgard and kill a then-helpless Odin involved using the Wolves of the forest as her scouts and spies. Hrimhari fought Hela's armies for his people's freedom but he was eventually captured and prisoned. Through the link Danielle Moonstar held with the Valkyries the New Mutants discover Hela's plan and rescue Hrimhari.

In the heat of battle and due to a mystical forcefield, Hrimhari was separated from the majority of the group, ending up with Meltdown and Warlock. The trio head straight for Odin's chambers, not understanding that he was under the much-needed Odinsleep. They are soon captured by a guard and tossed in prison. With their powers, they could escape, but those they need to talk to, Balder the Brave and the Warriors Three would be returning anyway from other lands.

The children of Volstagg appear at the cell's window, having eavesdropped on the current happenings. They know of Hrimhari, through the tales told by Hogun the Grim, one of the Warriors Three. He, in turn, had heard of Volstagg's children through Hogun's tales himself. Understanding that the power of Thor, Balder and the others might not quite be enough, the children tell of the sorcerer Tiwaz, who lives in Astrond at the edge of the icy wastes.

The children agree to stay behind in Hrimhari's cell to emphasize the seriousness of the situation, for when the others do come back. Hrimhari and his friends travel to Tiwaz's home, battling several of Hela's bat-creatures along the way. They survive a crash and capture by the Frost Giants.

Eventually, the trio rejoins with the main team and Odin is saved from being killed in his bed. Hrimhari must suffer through saying goodbye to Rahne once again.

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