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Guan Ping (關平, ? – 219) was the first son of the famed 3rd century military general Guan Yu and elder brother of Guan Xing. He had served a military post under Liu Bei during the Three Kingdoms era of China. Little about him could be found in historical records (not even his style name was documented) except that he was captured along with his father west of Maicheng (麦城, southeast of present day Dangyang, Hubei) by the forces of Sun Quan in 219. Both were promptly executed. In the 14th century historical novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" by Luo Guanzhong, Guan Ping was said to have been adopted by Guan Yu when he was seventeen (Chapter 28), as his true father requested to have him follow and assist the renowned general. Without a son then, Guan Yu took Guan Ping as his own.

Since the deification of Guan Yu in Sui Dynasty, Guan Ping along with Zhou Cang (sometimes with Liao Hua as well) would often appear at the sides of this revered Chinese deity in statues placed in temples and shrines. In portraits, the trio would often appear together as well. Guan Ping's face is traditionally painted white, is a stark contrast to Zhou Cang's coal black complexion, while Guan Yu's tends to be shades of red.

Modern references

Guan Ping appears as a playable character in the video game "Dynasty Warriors 5", the second latest release in the series by Koei. He is portrayed as a youth living in the shadow of his famous father who he greatly respects and admires. Realizing how important his father is to their kingdom, Guan Ping tries desperately to follow his father's legacy. He wields an enormous sword similar in appearance to a zweihander (which he remarkably wields with only one hand) called the "Young Dragon," and dresses in a similar manner to his father. Guan Ping has strong offensive power and above-average speed although his defensive strength and combat agility are severely lacking.

In Dynasty Warriors 6, his weapon is a "ji", similar in appearance to Lu Bu's previous weapon, and lacks a unique moveset. He does not have a story mode, although he makes appearances in those of several other characters.

In Warriors Orochi, a crossover between Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors, he initially defends Shu's castle in Jing Province with Huang Zhong from the encroaching Wei/Orochi forces. He attempts to lead an assault out to the seemingly under-manned East, but is isolated and is about to be killed when he is rescued by Oda Nobunaga. He then joins Nobunaga after the battle, and is depicted as one of his closest aides throughout the game.

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