The Jerusalem Report

The Jerusalem Report
The Jerusalem Report

The Jerusalem Report from May 12, 2006
Categories Newsmagazine
Frequency Biweekly
First issue 1990
Company The Jerusalem Post
Country Israel
Language English
ISSN 0792-6049

The Jerusalem Report is a biweekly print and online newsmagazine that covers political and social issues in Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world. The Report is an internationally recognized publication and distributed around the world.[citation needed] Founded as an independent weekly publication in 1990, it now publishes twice a month and is under the corporate umbrella of The Jerusalem Post Group. It remains editorially independent of The Jerusalem Post and the other publications in this group. As the publication promotes itself: "Each issue brings you political insights, powerful personalities, and comments on the cultural scene."

After a hiatus, The Jerusalem Report went back online in 2008. Its site is hosted by the parent company of the Jerusalem Post. The Report's web site includes full articles as well as extracts of longer articles appearing in the print edition. A new website is currently under construction.


The Current Editor-in-Chief Eetta Prince-Gibson who has worked as a stringer for the Christian Science Monitor, the Washington Post and as an editor for the Jerusalem Post. Like many news publications, The Jerusalem Report has experienced major budgetary cutbacks and changes in professional and managerial stewardship, which have caused a depletion of its staff[citation needed]. Some staff members have remained, including diplomatic editor Leslie Susser and internationally-recognized illustrator, Avi Katz. The Report has also been able to attract several new reporters, editors, and columnists, including Mona Eltahaway, an award-winning[citation needed] Egyptian columnist residing in New York; Bruce Maddy-Weitzman, a senior researcher at Tel Aviv University; Haim Watzman, an award-winning[citation needed] blogger and publicist; economics and technology editor Ziv Hellman and senior copy editor Shoshana London Sapir.

Several of The Report's journalists[who?] have won fellowships and prizes, including Harvard University's Neiman Foundation Fellowship, Rockower Awards in Jewish journalism and the Search For Common Ground Media Award[citation needed].



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