Great White (disambiguation)

Great White (disambiguation)

Great White may refer to the following:

*Great white shark, a species of shark
*Great White, the band
*Great White (film), an Italian film similar to "Jaws"
*Great White (comics)
*Great White Brotherhood
*Great White Egret, a species of egret
*Great White Fleet
*Great White Games
*Great White Heron
*Great White Owl, a species of owl
*Great White Pelican, a species of pelican
*Great White Records
*Great White Way
*The Great White, a roller coaster at SeaWorld San Antonio
*"The Great White Hope", a 1970 film about a boxing champion
*the Bob and Doug McKenzie show from SCTV, "Great White North"
*Greg Norman, Australian golf legend, is nicknamed "The Great White Shark"
*Paul "The Great" Wight pro wrestler

ee also

*Large White

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