Silver Republican Party

Silver Republican Party

The Silver Republican Party was a United States political faction active in the 1890s. It was so named because it split from the Republican Party over the issues of "Free Silver" and bimetallism. The main Republican Party supported the gold standard.

Silver Republican strength was concentrated in the western states where mining was an important industry. Silver Republicans were elected to the United States Congress from several western states. In 1896 Silver Republicans supported Democratic presidential nominee William Jennings Bryan over William McKinley.

By 1900 the Silver Republican Party was on the decline. Most of its members rejoined the Republican Party. However some, such as United States Senator Fred Dubois of Idaho and former Secretary of the Interior Henry Moore Teller of Colorado, joined the Democratic Party.

Noted Silver Republicans

*Frank J. Cannon - United States Senator from Utah
*Fred Dubois - United States Senator from Idaho
*Richard F. Pettigrew - United States Senator from South Dakota
*William M. Stewart- United States Senator from Nevada
*Henry Moore Teller - United States Senator and Secretary of the Interior from Colorado
*John F. Shafroth - United States Representative from Colorado, later Governor and Senator

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