Unreleased Zoids

Unreleased Zoids

Over the course of twenty-three years and sixteen releases, a number of Zoids models were planned and developed but were not released for some reason or another. While some were simply variations of existing Zoids, there are a number of completely new designs that never saw the light of day.

Many of these designs are known only from single prototypes or photographs. In many cases, there would likely be differences between known images and the final products.


The Zoids now known as the Aquadon, Gargantulus and Gorgodos were initially planned to be a part of the "Mechabonica" line. However, the line was cancelled before they were released. These Zoids would instead be first released in the "Original American Release".

Original Japanese Release


The Runabout toy from the Starriors line was initially developed as a part of the Zoids line. As a consequence, it shares numerous design elements with the early Zoids, as well as similar labels and insignias.

Several other Starriors kits were also promoted with early Zoids on other markets, especially China and Korea.


Intended for a 1990 or 1991 release, the Cheetah (it is unclear if this was the Zoid's name or merely its type) never reached production due to the cancellation of the line. The Zoid was intended to be a part of the Guylos Empire faction, and was possibly designated DPZ-26.

The Cheetah existed only as concept art, and likely never reached even a prototype stage. The Zoid would have been equipped with unfolding wings, possibly a "Power Deploy" feature similar to the Descat's cannon.

It is now believed that Cheetah was Descat first design, because a drawing of this Zoid was seen in 1988, three years before Descat release. But this design was re-used by Tomy in 1997 as a CGI animation, and it is then that it was thought that it could have been the last OJR Zoids preview.

Original European Release


A variant of the Ultrasaurus was planned to be released in the line as a part of the "Red Mutant" faction. Commonly known as Ultrasaurus Red amongst collectors, this version would have been recoloured in red, black and silver with a red canopy. A prototype appeared in the 1987 TOMY UK product catalogue. This version was a painted recolour of the "OJR" version and not representative of the final version.

The Zoid's actual release is unclear; there are several unverified reports of sightings in toy stores during the 80s, but no examples of a production model have ever been verified. Only an incomplete one was spotted on auction in 2003, without possibility of proof that it was a real one.

More information on the search for this Zoid can be found at [http://perso.orange.fr/Ultrasaurus.Red/ultrasaurus_red.htm this site] .


A variant on the Death Saurer was planned for release as a part of the "Blue Guardian" faction in 1988. Renamed Deathsaurer, this version would have been recoloured in flat black and grey with blue caps, similar to Gore the Lord Protector.

The Zoid never reached production; only a single prototype was seen in a TV commercial.



An un-named and un-boxed version of Glidoler (Specifically the OER Terrared variant) can be found in Robostrux colours and though extremely common it never saw a release and is believed to have been planned as a mail away item. Shipping boxes of this Zoid have been purchased by wholesalers and are in ready supply on eBay.


A version of Mammoth was shown in the supposed "Robostrux" comic. Shown only in black-and-white, the Zoid's colour scheme is unknown.


Lizar, a blue/silver version of Iguan was planned for release but doesn't appear to have reached shops. It is unclear if the Zoid ever passed beyond prototype stage but a black-and-grey version (similar to the OER Zillon but with reversed colours) can be seen on the back of Rado's box.


A variant of the Shield Liger, Fangz was one of the last Zoids intended for the "Robostrux" line. Recoloured in dark blue with a black frame, the Zoid either did not reach production or had only a very limited run. The Zoid is only known from a single partial example sighted on an eBay auction.

Strangely, there is a several-year gap in the release between Fangz and the next previous "Robostrux" Zoid, Badox.


While not confirmed, it is speculated that had the "Zevle" line continued, it would have included recoloured versions of the Shotwalker, Sandspeeder and Megatropos.


The "Technozoids" line has a number of Zoids that were never released by Kenner or received only very limited production. Some were only seen in a single catalogue picture, while others are only known from product lists.


The Mammoth was intended to be re-released as a part of the "Technozoids" line. A prototype depicted in a catalogue was recoloured in red and silver, and appeared to be identical to the "Original European Release" version, and may have been simply a re-use of leftover stock.

Some sources identify this Zoid as Mega Mammoth.


The Zeekdober was intended to be released as a part of the "Technozoids" line, under the name Doberman. However, the line was discontinued before the Zoid reached production. A catalogue picture depicted the Zoid as recoloured; with tan replacing the red, and orange replacing the yellow. Additionally, the Zoid would have been released with the GU-02 Pulse Cannon.

A sole incomplete prototype, apparently the same one used in the catalogue photo, appeared on an eBay auction in 2005. The Zoid was sold to a private collector.

mall Battlesaurus

A variant of the Brachios was intended to be released as a part of the "Technozoids" line under the name Small Battlesaurus. No pictures have ever been located of the Zoid, so it is not known what changes, if any, were made form the OJR version.

Thunder Tritops

A variant of the Madthunder was intended to be a part of the "Technozoids" line as the sole non-Japanese release of the Zoid. Renamed as Thunder Tritops, this version would have been recoloured in red, silver and black.

Like the other unreleased Technozoids, the Thunder Tritops is known only from a single catalogue photo of a painted prototype.

Venom Snake

A version of the Stealth Viper was planned for the "Technozoids" line under the name Venom Snake. This version was recoloured in dull brown and bright orange, colours similar to the "NJR" version.

It is not clear if the Zoid was actually released or not. A single example was sighted on a Yahoo Japan auction, but is not clear if this was a production model or merely a preproduction sample.


While never promoted as such, there is some speculation that the Godkaiser was planned to be a part of the "Technozoids" line. A single photo of the prototype Doberman on an eBay auction included a Godkaiser part, apparently from the same source.


The packages of several of the Zoids2 releases depicted frames from the Gorgodos, Hydocker and Godos, even though these Zoids were not a part of the line. Additionally, a promotional comic released with the Zoids included artwork of the Godos. TOMY had intended to make various weapons kits available through a mail-in offer; although the line was cancelled before the kits reached production. The offer would have included parts from the Republic Customise Set and Empire Customise Set, which were later released in the "New Japanese Release" as CP-01, CP-02, CP-10 and CP-11.

New Japanese Release

Berserk Führer

Several additional CAS units were conceptualised for the Berserk Führer, but the Customise Parts line was cancelled before they reached the prototype stage. It is possible that the additional CAS units seen in the "Zoids Saga" games were based on these unused concepts.

Cyber-Drive Kong

The third Zoid developed for the "Cyber-Drive Zoids" sub-line was substantially different from the Diablo Tiger and Cyclops. Similar in appearance to the Iron Kong, the Zoid was completely different and shared no parts, and was considerably larger. Due to the failure of the sub-line, the Zoid was cancelled and never progressed beyond a non-functional prototype.

No name was ever given to the Zoid.

1/24th Scale Zoids

After Panzer Tier abruptly halted the line of 1/24th Scale Zoids re-releases, Toys Dream Project began re-releases. These were also suddenly halted, leaving the Megatropos and Sandspeeder without any modern release.

New American Release

The NAR was significant as being the first non-Japanese line to include models not initially released in Japan, as well as ones that were a part of the OJR but not yet re-released in the NJR. Many of them would not reach production.

Several Zoids were intended to be released without changes from the NJR version. Those known include the Hammer Rock, Snipe Master, Storm Sworder, Boldguard and Leostriker.

After the collapse of the NAR, unreleased stock was dumped on secondary markets, such as Australia and the UK. This included a number of Zoids that were not released in the US, such as the Hasbro versions of the Seismosaurus, Jet Falcon and Leogator, as well as Hasbro-exclusive designs like the Power Mantis and Power Mammoth. Several variants also only were released in foreign markets, such as the Holotech versions of the Spinosapper.


Hasbro had intended to re-release the Dimetrodon as a part of the "New American Release", but the line was cancelled before it reached production. Photos of a prototype indicate that the Zoid was recoloured in metallic purple with yellow eyes.

hield Liger

Hasbro planned a second Shield Liger version for a release as a part of the NAR. This version was based on the Shield Ligers appearing in the anime, and thus resembled the Shield Liger Mk II, only with an orange canopy and no CP-01. Additionally, the standard Shield Liger label sheet was redrawn with yellow labels replacing most of the white ones. However, the NAR was discontinued before the Zoid was released. A few appeared in stores in the UK in late 2006.

Limited Blade Liger

Hasbro created another variant of the Blade Liger intended for release in the US in 2003-2004. This version was recoloured in metallic grey with a black frame. Despite the "limited" title, the Zoid was intended for mass release. The Zoid never reached production, but several finished samples, complete with packaging, surfaced.

The "Fuzors" Blade Liger Black Impact shares the same colour scheme as this version but has gold metal feet instead of silver plastic. It is suspected that the unreleased Hasbro stock was re-packaged to make the Black Impact.

cissor Storm and Laser Storm

Hasbro intended to release versions of the Scissor Storm and Laser Storm recoloured to match their versions of the Seismosaurus and Energy Liger. These versions were coloured identically, both being bright red and shiny black, and being in essence identical save for the head-mounted weapon.

Neither Zoid reached full distribution but unsold stock was liquidated en masse in the Philippines.

Battle Rex

Hasbro planned to release their own version of the Deadborder, renamed the Battle Rex, in North America, as a part of their Zoids line in 2004. The Battle Rex was substantially recoloured, being primarily metallic green, with black highlights and an orange canopy, as well as gray or blue tubes. However, due to the cancellation of the Zoids line in America, the Battle Rex was never released and probably never entered production.

Only two prototypes found their ways into the hands of private collectors. The prototypes were reported to have several moulding flaws and deliberate alterations, indicating that the original Deadborder mould may have been damaged or lost, and the mould had been recreated by Hasbro. Many of the deliberate moulding changes were shared with the later Toys Dream Project Deadborder.

Despite never reaching production, the Battle Rex appeared in a single episode of the "" anime.

Cannon Caesar

The Godkaiser was intended to be released as a part of the "New American Release" line, under the name Cannon Caesar. However, the line was discontinued before the Zoid reached production. A catalogue picture depicted the Zoid as recoloured in light green, dull green, flat grey and beige.

No moulding changes were apparent from the photo, but it is speculated that the Zoid's mould had been repaired or recreated by Hasbro, like that of the Battle Cougar was. Additionally, the Zoid would have probably been designated as RZ-112 or RZ-113 to fit Hasbro's numbering scheme.


The Houndsoldier was intended to be released as a part of the "New American Release" line, however, the line was discontinued before the Zoid reached production. A catalogue picture depicted the Zoid as recoloured in light blue, dull blue, flat grey and beige.

It is speculated that the Zoid's mould had been repaired or recreated by Hasbro. Additionally, the Zoid would have probably been designated as RZ-112 or RZ-113 to fit Hasbro's numbering scheme.

The later "Genesis" release of the Zoid had several moulding changes. Most notably, the Zoid's motor came pre-assembled, with the corresponding parts already deleted from the frames. The motor unit itself had several moulding changes, including the addition of a pair of screws over the battery case. These changes are similar to the changes made to the Hasbro Battle Cougar, suggesting that the mould of the Genesis Houndsoldier was one originally created for the unreleased NAR version.

Holotech Gunbluster

Hasbro developed a Holotech version of the Gunbluster. The Zoid never reached production, and unlikely never advanced beyond a single prototype.

Holotech Liger Zero

A Holotech version of the Liger Zero was also planned, but never reached production. This version would have replaced the white armour with clear plastic, and removed several of the painted details. The Zoid reached at least pre-production status, and appeared in a number of advertisements.

Holotech Double Sworder

Another Holotech version that was panned. The blue parts were replaced by transluscent blue ones. Only one single item was seen in a Japanese collection.

Energy Zaber

Hasbro planned a second air-powered Zoid, called the Energy Zaber. Presumably intended to be a rival to the Energy Liger, the model is not believed to have ever even reached the prototype stage. The only information on it was an entry on Hasbro's website which suggested that it would be the same size and price-point as the Energy Liger, that has since been removed.

No photos of the complete Energy Zaber are known to exist. While two photos have been located, both depict engineering mock-ups and are not representative of the final product. The first form, found in a Hasbro catalogue distributed to retailers, depicts a Sabre Tiger with an Energy Liger's motor and Redler wings. The second, taken from the TOMY/Takara Zoid development weblog, depicts a Sabre Tiger with a new forward torso containing an air pump and turbine (and possibly mountings for wings), as well as a new head.

Gravity Rex

Hasbro planned a fifth Gravity Zoid, the Gravity Rex. Intended for release in 2004, the line was cancelled before the Zoid reached production. Similar in size to the Gravity Saurer, the Zoid resembles a Tyrannosaurus. While not sharing any parts with any other Zoids (save for the Gravity Wheel), the Zoid's mechanisms were similar to the Gravity Saurer's

A single prototype or pre-production sample is known to exist, and is in the hands of a private collector. The Zoid appears to be fairly complete, and may represent the final production model.

Power Kong

A single photograph of this prototype Zoid appeared on the sleeve of a DVD volume of the "" anime. Nothing is known about it, but judging from elements of its design (including parts from both regular Zoids and Blox) and its name, it is suspected that it is a part of the "Power Blox" sub-line. It is unknown how far the Zoid reached in production.

With the release of the Power Mantis and Power Mammoth in England, it is suspected that the Power Kong may have reached preproduction status, or may even be released.

New English Release

TOMY's short-lived New English Release left a number of Zoids unreleased at the point of its collapse. Amongst those promoted but not released included the Berserk Fury, Death Stinger and Dimetrodon (This version was identical to its NJR counterpart, unlike the purple NAR version). Other Zoids only had limited releases or did not reach full release, like the Zabat, Shadow Fox and Command Wolf Irvine.

Blox were also intended for the NER, but never reached the point of release. The only Blox promoted by TOMY before the end of the NER was the Gorilla Tron, a Hasbro design.

Holotech Zaber Fang

The only NER-exclusive variant planned, this Zoid would have been a clear red version of the Sabre Tiger, as opposed to the clear yellow NAR version. No pictures or production samples of the Zoid have ever been located, and it is unlikely that the Zoid ever reached prototype status.

New Pacific Release

The tail end of the NPR included a number of Zoids never released in the US, such as the Holotech versions of the Raynos, Spinosapper and Warshark, and regular Zoids such as the Jet Falcon.

A number of Zoids were planned for release in the NPR and were cancelled, including the Energy Liger, Gravity Saurer, Gravity Saix and Brachiozilla. The Iron Kong was also planned for release, but it is unclear if this version would have included the extra weapons and modifications found in the "NAR" version. Others were released, but not in Australia, such as the Seismosaurus.


The last wave of the "Fuzors" line was cancelled before being released; however, the items in this wave were advertised on packaging and catalogues. They included versions of the Leogator, Dimetroptera, Dispelow, Evo Flyer and Ray Kong. Of these, only the Ray Kong was released, and even then only as a limited Zoid. It is likely these models would have been recoloured with metallic plastic, like the other Fuzors variants.

At one stage, TOMY had planned to release "Fuzors" versions of the Raynos and Sinker to represent the PKB versions seen in the anime. Neither Zoid reached the prototype stage.

Holotech Energy Liger

This limited edition Zoid was intended for release at the end of the Fuzors line, but never reached production (and likely never even reached the prototype stage). It is unclear what colours the Zoid would be, but it is possible that they were clear black and metallic red like the limited Holotech Command Wolf and Leostriker.


Several limited edition versions of the "Genesis" Zoids were planned but never released. These versions would have been recoloured and included figurines of the characters from the series, but none are believed to have reached prototype status. Amongst those reported were the Deadly Kong, Bamburian, Soul Tiger, Sword Wolf and Bio-Raptor.


A recoloured version of the Redler was planned for the "Genesis" line, as a part of the subset that included the Gildragon and Decaulto Dragon. This version was to have been recoloured in white and bronze, with a clear blue canopy and wings. However, the Zoid was cancelled before it reached full production.

The "Genesis" Redler was meant to precede the other two Dragon-Zoids in the subset. After the Redler was cancelled, this place in the line was given to the Mugen Liger.

A recoloured Redler was released as one of the two prizes available in the 2005-2005 TOMY Z-Point campaign. This version was identical to the cancelled "Genesis" version, and it is believed that it was developed from unreleased stock (it even came with a unique sticker sheet which further adds to this theory).


Announced at the same time as the Bio-Kentro, Bio-Tricera and Bio-Tyranno, the Bio-Diplodocus would have been in the initial or second wave of Bio-Zoids models. Early concept showed it to be a Bio-Zoid styled Diplodocus, possibly inspired by the Seismosaurus. However, it was cancelled at a relatively early point and likely never even reached the prototype stage.



Intended to be a crocodile or alligator type-Zoid, this Zoid was intended for a December 2006 or January 2007 release, but was instead cancelled in March 2007. The Zoid is only known from a prototype picture as well as concept art.


Intended to be released alongside NBZ-13, this Zoid was intended to be a Pteranodon type. Also like the NBZ-13, the only photos seen so far were of a prototype and concept art. It was also cancelled in early 2007.

NBZ-15 and NBZ-16

These two Neo-Blox, a lobster and ankylosaurus respectively, were cancelled in early 2007. Known only from concept art, it is unlikely that they even reached prototype stage.

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* [http://perso.orange.fr/Ultrasaurus.Red/ Ultrasaurus Red] : photos and list of unreleased, prototype and unknown Zoids

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