East Sudanian savanna

East Sudanian savanna

The East Sudanian savanna is a tropical savanna ecoregion of central Africa. It is the eastern half of the broad savanna belt which runs east and west across Africa, from the Atlantic to the Ethiopian Highlands. The Cameroon Highlands divide the East Sudanian savanna from the West Sudanian savanna. The Sahel belt of drier Acacia savanna lies to the north, between the Sudanian savanna and the Sahara Desert.

The Sudd flooded grasslands divide the East Sudanian savanna into eastern and western blocks; the western block covers portions of northern Cameroon, southernmost Chad, northern Central African Republic, and southeastern Sudan. The more humid Northern Congolian forest-savanna mosaic lies to the south, between the East Sudanian savanna and the equatorial Congolian forests. The eastern block lies in a belt stretching from northern Uganda along the Sudan-Ethiopia border region, bounded on the east by the Ethiopian Highlands of Ethiopia and Northern Acacia-Commiphora bushlands and thickets of southeastern Sudan and northern Kenya, on the south by the Victoria Basin forest-savanna mosaic of Uganda, and on the southwest by the Northern Congolian forest-savanna mosaic.


Typical species are trees and shrubs of "Combretum" and "Terminalia", and tall Elephant Grass "(Pennisetum purpureum)".


Threatened species include the African Elephant "(Loxodonta africana)", African Wild Dog "(Lycaon pictus)", Cheetah "(Acinonyx jubatus)", Leopard "(Panthera pardus)", Lion "(Panthera leo)", and Giant Eland "(Taurotragus derbianus)". The Black Rhinoceros "(Diceros bicornis)" and Northern White Rhinoceros "(Ceratotherium simum cottoni)" were formerly native to the ecoregion, but have been eliminated through over-hunting.

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