Private cancellation

Private cancellation

Private cancellations are cancellations of postage stamps, or, in some cases, artistamps, applied by other than a government or other official stamp-issuing entity. They are occasionally used to create first day of issues for personalized U.S. postage (officially defined as meter labels and thus not requiring cancellation). [] Private cancellations are often applied by local posts to their stamps (there are frequently also first day of issues of these).

Another type of private cancellation, in the United States, is the Mailer's Permit Postmark, which licence-holders can use to cancel their own mail under certain conditions. They can also, in the U.S., be applied to mail carried outside the post by authority of the private express statutes.

In Britain private cancellations can be seen on [|Phil Stamp's covers] .


* [ Robert Murray Stamp Shop, Edinburgh: United Kingdom Numismatic Covers]

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