RM-70 Multiple rocket launcher

RM-70 Multiple rocket launcher

Infobox Weapon
name= RM-70 multiple rocket launcher

caption= Czech Republic Land Forces RM-70
origin= flagcountry|Czechoslovakia
type= Self-propelled multiple rocket launcher
is_artillery= yes
is_vehicle= yes
service= 1972-present
used_by= See "users"
wars= 2008 South Ossetia war
weight= 33.7 tonnes (74,295 lbs)
length= 8.75 m (28.70 ft)
width=2.5 m (8.20 ft)
height=2.7 m (8.85 ft)
crew= 6
caliber=122.4 mm (4.8 in)
barrels= 40
max_range= 20 km (12 mi)
secondary_armament= Universal machine gun vz. 59
engine=T-903-3 V-12 multi-fuel
engine_power=250 hp (184 kW)
suspension= 8×8 wheeled
vehicle_range=400 km (216 nm)
speed=85 km/h (53 mph)
The RM-70 ("raketomet vzor 1970") multiple rocket launcher is a Czechoslovakian army version and the heavier variant of the BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launcher, providing enhanced performance over its parent artillery system that was introduced in 1971 [http://www.vojenstvi.cz/vasedotazy_83.htm] (but the NATO designation is M1972).


RM-70 was developed in Czechoslovakia as a successor for the RM-51, achieving initial operational capability with its Army in 1972. Originally, it was sold to East Germany. After the Soviet Union collapse and the split of Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, it was sold to several nations in Africa, America, Asia and Europe.

RM-70 replaced the Ural-375D 6x6 truck by a Tatra T813 "Kolos" 8x8 truck as carrier platform for the 40-round launcher. The new carrier vehicle provides enough space for carrying 40 additional 122mm rockets pack for reload. Nevertheless, RM-70 performance remains near the same as Grad even in terms of vehicle's speed and range. This rocket launcher can fire both individual rounds and volleys, principally by means of indirect fire. It is designed for concentrated fire coverage of large areas (up to 3 hectares in one volley) by high explosive fragmentation shells. The fire is robust with almost 256 kg of explosives used in one volley of 40 rockets. The rockets used are either the original Soviet 9M22 and 9M28, or locally developed models. These are the JROF with a range of 20.75 km, the JROF-K with a range of 11 km, the "Trnovnik" with 63 HEAT-bomblets and with a range of 17.5 km, the "Kuš" with five PPMI-S1 anti-personnel mines or the "Krizhna-R" with 4 anti-tank mines PTMI-D and with a range of 19,450 m.

The vehicle is provided with a central tyre pressure regulation system (to allow its adaptation to the nature of the traversed ground), a headlight with white light on the forward cab roof and, if necessary, with a snow plough SSP 1000 or a dozer blade BZ-T to arrange its own emplacement or to remove obstacles.


Czech and Slovak Republics

*RM-70 - Basic model, as described. [http://forum.valka.cz/viewtopic.php/t/12582/title/CZK-vz-70-122mm-raketomet Photos]
*RM-70/85 - Unarmored version of the RM-70, based on the Tatra T-815 VPR9 8x8.1R truck with 265hp engine T3-930-51. Combat weight: 26.1 t. Sometimes called RM-70M. [http://forum.valka.cz/viewtopic.php/t/19889/title/CZK-vz-70-85-122mm-raketomet Photos]
*RM-70/85M - Modernised vehicle with new fire control and navigation equipment, can use a new type of rocket with a range of 36 km. Slovakia has ordered 50 upgrade packages. [http://forum.valka.cz/viewtopic.php/t/12993 Photos]
*RM-70 Modular - In December 2000, the Slovak Ministry of Defense and Diehl BGT Defence started the RM-70 Modular German-Slovak modernization project. RM-70 Modular allows this artillery system to launch either twenty-eight 122mm rockets, or six 227mm rockets as used on the M270 MLRS. This way the system became fully NATO interoperable. The truck cabin is entirely armored. The Slovak Republic signed for 26 upgraded artillery systems with the first one delivered on May 20, 2005. RM-70 Modular is being offered as an upgrade for RM-70 owners. [http://forum.valka.cz/viewtopic.php/t/12992/title/SVK-DEU-RM-70-Modular-122mm-227mm-raketomet/sid/e95ba955c3793b2a072e25f41f0d7740 Photos]
*Vz.92 "Križan" VMZ ("velkokapacitní mobilní zatarasovač") - Engineer vehicle, based on the Tatra T-815 36.265 with a lightly armoured cabin. The vehicle comes in different configurations, the standard being a 40-round rocket launcher (for "Kuš" and "Krizhna-R" rockets), a mechanical mine layer for anti-tank mines (PT Mi-U or PT Mi-Ba-III) and two dispensers for anti-personnel mines (PP Mi-S1). [http://forum.valka.cz/viewtopic.php/t/13335/highlight/ Photos]


*LRSV-122 M-96 "Tajfun" ("samovozni višecijevni lanser raketa") - Modified version with 4 rows of 8 launch tubes on an unarmoured Tatra T-813 truck. Like the M-77 Oganj and the Chinese Type 90A, the launcher and reloading pack are covered by a collapsible awning for protection and camouflage when traveling. Combat weight: 23.5 t. Only a very small number was built.


*ANG - 58
*CZE - 60 RM-70
*ECU - 6 RM-70
*FIN - 36 RM-70/85 (locally known as 122 RakH 89)
*GEO - 6 RM-70 [http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/georgia/army-equipment.htm]
*GDR - 265 RM-70 and RM-70M; all withdrawn
*GRE - 116 RM-70 (former German)
*INA- 7 RM-70
*LIB - 46 RM-70
*POL - 30 RM-70/85
*RWA - 5
*SVK - 87 RM-70/85
*SRI - 30+ RM-70M's
*URY - 3 RM-70
*ZIM - 52 RM-70/85


* [http://www.deagel.com/pandora/rm-70_opm0077001.aspx Deagel, RM-70]
* [http://www.armyrecognition.com/europe/Tchecoslovaquie/vehicule_artillerie/RM-70/RM-70_Tchecoslovaquie_description.htm Army Recognition, RM-70]
* [http://www.army.cz/scripts/detail.php?id=6051 Ministry of Defence of Czech Republic, Rocket Launcher 122 mm type 70]

External links

* [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyuoUlcA44k Greek Army RM-70]
* [http://www.diehl-bgt-defence.de/index.php?id=551&L=1 Diehl BGT Defence RM-70 Modular]

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