Tales From The Aniverse

Tales From The Aniverse

"Tales from the Aniverse" was a science fiction comic book created by Randy Zimmerman and Susan Van Camp, first published in 1984 by Arrow Comics, featuring anthropomorphic animals as the main characters.

The series was short-lived due to poor sales.


The setting of the fictitious "Aniverse" should not be confused with the universe of Bucky O'Hare by Continuity Comics, that was also named the "Aniverse".

Bucky O'Hare was created a few years AFTER Tales From The Aniverse and its "creation" of the term "Aniverse" and whatever confusion lies therein is debatable at best.

Tales From The Aniverse's initial sales were NOT a factor in the end of its initial run, in fact it ran for 6 pretty successful issues from Arrow Comics from '84 to'85, then jumped to WeeBee Comics (a self publishing banner created by Randy Zimmerman and Peter Folo) for 2 issues as The Aniverse. After which the company folded due to lack of funds and the impending "black and white" bust of the late 80's.

The title was once again restarted as Tales From The Aniverse (volume 2) under the Massive Comics (solely owned by Randy Zimmerman at the time, Massive went on to print one other very successful title, a one shot adult comic called X-Capade)in 1992 and ran for another 3 issues, the 3rd of which broke even in sales, where it was decided to again discontinue publishing.

In 1996 Arrow Comics was revitallized a third time and one of the Aniverse's mainstay characters Miss Chevious was given a four issue mini-series under the helm of Steph Graves, which lasted 2 issues and was discontinued due to lack of artist's commitment.

Tales From The Aniverse was a collection of stories featuring a group of characters in a futuristic ani(mal uni)verse and has such characters as J.B. Space (galactic courier), Miss Chevious (Bounty hunter), Falterous (Space Pirate lord) and Drakestar (maniac ruler of the Avian empire), as well as many other characters. Tales, and its many incarnations have gotten close a couple of times as a feature film, as well as other media tie-ins, but so far has been unsuccessful. Whether or not the quality of the Bucky-O'Hare cartoon has any relevance on the Aniverse's success in other media is still up for debate.

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