Taiwan Province, People's Republic of China

Taiwan Province, People's Republic of China

Taiwan Province of the People's Republic of China (zh-stp|t=臺灣省 or 台灣省|s=台湾省|p=Táiwān shěng) is a theoretical administrative province of the People's Republic of China (PRC), covering an area over which the PRC has no control. PRC claims the entirety of the island of Taiwan and its surrounding islets, including the Pescadores, as parts of its Taiwan Province. The territory is controlled by the Republic of China (ROC). The PRC claims that Taiwan is part of China, and that the PRC succeeded the ROC as the sole legitimate authority in all of China upon its founding in 1949 (see Political status of Taiwan).


The claimed official borders and divisions of the Taiwan Province of People's Republic of China mirror those of the ROC Taiwan Province prior to 1949. The PRC has not acknowledged any changes made post-1949 by the ROC. Thus, the elevation of Taipei and Kaohsiung to be provincial-level cities have not been recognized by the PRC, and both cities appear as part of Taiwan Province in publications issued by the PRC. Also, the PRC still regards Taipei as the capital city of Taiwan Province, instead of Jhongsing Village which is the capital of the ROC Taiwan Province. This is analogous to the previous practice of the ROC in producing maps depicting mainland administrative boundaries the way they were in 1949.

Both the PRC and the ROC regard the Diaoyutai (Senkaku) Islands, administered by Japan and but claimed by the PRC and ROC, as a part of their own respective Taiwan Provinces.


Thirteen delegates are elected to the National People's Congress to represent Taiwan Province. These delegates have Taiwanese ancestry, and are elected by a constituency comprising people with Taiwanese ancestry, not by present residents of Taiwan. As the older members retire or die, newer members tend to be born in mainland China.Fact|date=August 2008

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