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*Bow (weapon) (pronounced IPA|boʊ), an archery weapon that uses elasticity to propel arrows
*Bowing (social) (pronounced IPA|baʊ), to lower the head or the upper body
*Bow (ship) (pronounced IPA|baʊ), the foremost point of the hull of a ship or boat
*Bow (knot), a type of knot
*Bow (music), a device used to play a stringed instrumentIt may also refer to:
*Musical bow, a musical instrument resembling an archer's bow
*E-bow, a hand-held electronic device for playing the electric guitar


*Bow, Devon, England
*Bow, London, England (historically called Stratford atte Bowe)
*Bow, New Hampshire, United States
*Bow, Washington, United States
*The Bow (Calgary), a building in Calgary, Alberta
*Bow River, a river in the Canadian province of Alberta

Other uses

*Bow (She-Ra), a character from She-Ra: Princess of Power
*Bows (band), a band from the UK

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