Zones of Ethiopia

Zones of Ethiopia

Politics of Ethiopia

The regions of Ethiopia are divided into 68 zones. The zones are listed below, by region:

Addis Ababa

*Addis Ababa

Afar Region

*Administrative Zone 1
*Administrative Zone 2
*Administrative Zone 3
*Administrative Zone 4
*Administrative Zone 5

Amhara Region

*Agew Awi
*Bahir Dar
*East Gojjam
*North Gondar
*North Shewa
*North Wollo
*South Gondar
*South Wollo
*Wag Hemra
*West Gojjam

Benishangul-Gumuz Region


Dire Dawa

*Dire Dawa

Gambela Region

*Administrative Zone 1
*Administrative Zone 2
*Administrative Zone 3

Harari Region


Oromia Region

*East Hararghe
*East Shewa
*East Welega
*North Shewa
*West Hararghe
*West Shewa
*West Welega

Somali Region


Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region

*Bench Maji
*Keficho Shekicho
*North Omo
*South Omo

Tigray Region

*Central Tigray
*East Tigray
*South Tigray
*West Tigray

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*Regions of Ethiopia

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