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Khwaja Ghulam Farid

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Khwaja Ghulam Fareed Sahib (Urdu/Shahmukhi/Seraiki: خواجہ فرید, Punjabi Gurmukhi ਖ਼ਾਜਾ ਫ਼ਰੀਦ, Hindi ख़्वाजा फ़रीद) or Khawaja Farid (1845-1901) was a Seraiki poet, mystic and Sajjada nashin (Patron saint) of the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent. He was born and died at Chacharan Shrif but buried at Kot Mithan.

He was the son of Khwaja Khuda Bakhsh. His mother died when he was five years old and he was orphaned at age twelve when his father died. He was educated by his elder brother, Fakhr Jahan Uhdi.

He was a scholar of that time and wrote several books. He knew Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Sindhi, Panjabi, Braj Bhasha, and Seraiki. He was a poet of Seraiki and Urdu. He also wrote some poems in Sindhi, Persian, and Braj Bhasha.He was an imperialist poet.He opposed British rule in Bahawalpur. He said to ruler of Bahawalpur in his poem, "You rule yourself on your state and finish police station of British from your state." اپڑیں ملک کوں آپ وسا توں۔پٹ انگریزی تھانے

Works by Khawaja Ghulam Farid

* Dewan-e-Farid in 1882. (Seraiki Poetry)
* Dewan-e-Farid in 1884. (Urdu Poetry)
* Manaqabe Mehboobia (in Persian prose)
* Fawaid Faridia (in Persian prose)


Faridiat (فریدیات)(फ़रीदीयत) is new topic about Khawaja Farid's life, poetry and his mysticism.There are several books and hundreds articles on this topic.There are also experts of Khawaja Farid as under
*"Maulana Noor Ahmed Faridi" :He translated Dewan-Farid
*Mehr_Abdul_Haq :His books are "Lughat-Faridi" and "Piam-Farid" and other [ [ Results for 'Mehr Abdul Haq' ( ] at]
*Christopher Shackle :His book is "Teachings of Khaja Farid" and other [ [ The Seraiki language of Central Pakistan : a reference grammar ( ] at]
*"Wahid Bakhish Sial": He translated "Maqbees-ul-Majalis"
*"Mujahid Jatoi" :His book is "'Aa pahntum jeendian makay"
*"Saeed Ahmed Sheikh": His book is "Ustad Dileen de"
*"Aziz-ur-Rahman Khan" :He translated first time "Dewan-i-Farid"
*"Akram Qureshi" :His book is "Auzan Dewan-i-Farid"
*"Aslam Metala" :He wrote several books'one of its is "Zauq-i-Farid"

ome books on Faridiat

There are hundred books on this topic. Name of few books are under
*"Shackle" Christopher :"Teachings of Khawaja Farid" Published : Bazm-i- Saqafat Multan
*"Shackle" Christopher: "Fifty poems of Khawaja Farid" (Translation)Publisher: Bazm-i-Saqafat Multn
*‘’Sheikh’’ Muhammad Saeed Ahmed: ‘’Ustad Deleenday’’edition 2000: Publisher: Jhoke Kitab Ghar bazaar Kutub firoshan androon bohar gate Multan
*‘’Metla’’ Muhammad Aslam ‘’Zauq-I-Farid’’ edition 2001: Seraiki Adbi Majlis Bahawalpur
*‘’Anwaar Ahmed’’ ‘’Khawaja Farid ke teen Rang’’ edition 1985:Bazm-I-Saqafat. Multan
*‘’Qureshi’’ Muhammad Akram: ‘’Auozan Dewan Farid’’: edition 2005::Bazm-I-Saqfat Multan
* ‘‘Jatoi’’ Mujahid ‘’Atwar-I-Farid’’ [ [ Āt̤vār-i Farīd ( ] at] edition 2003: Jhoke publisher Multan
*‘’Jatoi’’ Mujahid ‘’Hiat-ul-Mahboob’’ edition 2005: Khawaja Farid foundation ‘’Mithankot’’
*‘’Akhtar’’ Shabir Hassan: ‘’Farid Shanasi’’ edition 2001: Bazm-I-Saqafat Multan
*‘’Feroz’’ Abu Saeed Muhammad Anwar ‘’Ghauhar Shab-I-Chiraz’’ edition third 1999 Seraiki Adbi Majlis Bahawalpur
*‘’Chadhri’’ Hanif: ‘’Mutalea Farid Ka aik nia Rukh’’ edition2002: Seraiki Research center .B, Z.University Multan
*‘’Chandio’’Javed:’’Khawaja Farid’’ edition 1999:Seraiki Adbi Majlis Bahawalpur
*‘’Junejo’’Abdul Jabbar’Dr: ‘’Mera ishq bhi too’’: edition 2002 Bazm-I-Saqafat Multan
*‘’Iqbal’’ Khalid: ‘’Bhag Suhag Farid’’ edition 2006: Sujak Adbi Sangat Shadan lund Dera_Ghazi_Khan
*‘’Taunsvi’’ Tahir ‘Dr: ‘’Mutalea-Farid ke das saal’’ edition 2001: Book man Nila Gunbad Lahore
*‘’Metla’’Aslam:’’Mahram Raz Deleeday’’ edition 2005: Bazm-I-Saqafat: Multan‘’Metla’’ Aslam ‘’Zikr-I-Farid’’ edition 1994: Metla Publications: Tehsil Jahanian Khaniwal
*’’Durani””Jamila:’’Khawaja Ghulam Farid _Shakhs and Shaer’’ edition 1996:Becon Books Gulgasht Multan
*’’Chandio’’ Javed ‘’Armughan Khawaja Farid’’ edition 2001: Bazm-I-Saqafat Multan
*’’Alam’’ Khursheed: ‘’Pakistan mein Mutalea Farid ki Rewayat’’ edition 1999: Seraiki Adbi Board Multan
* ‘’Chandio’’ Javed: ‘’Allah mele wal sang yara’’edition 2003: Seraiki Adbi Majlis Bahawalpur


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* [ Khawaja Farid, A Mystic and Spirtual Poet]
* [ The complete works of Khwaja Farid in Seraiki]
* [ Poetry of Khwaja Farid sung by traditional musicians]

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