Foley artist

Foley artist

The Foley artist on a film crew is the person who creates many of the natural, everyday sound effects in a film, which are recorded during a session with a recording engineer. Before the session, a project will be cued, with notes kept about what sounds need to be created during the foley session. Often, the project will have a sound supervisor who will dictate what sounds need to be covered in a foley session and what needs to be created by special (audio) effects, which is generally left to the sound designer. The roles of Foley artists, sound designers, editors, and supervisors are highly specialized and are essential to producing a professional-sounding soundtrack that is suitable for distribution and exhibition.

Sound effects and foley are added during post-production to dialog and real effects that were picked up by microphones on-set. Sometimes (especially in the case of cartoons, many Italian films, and almost all Bollywood films) there is no sound recorded on-location, and all the sounds need to be added by the foley artist and sound designer, and dubber. The Foley artist may also accent existing sounds to make them more effective—enhancing the sounds of a fistfight may require thumping watermelons or cracking bamboo. Many Foley artists take pride in devising their own sound effects apparatuses, often using simple, commonly found materials. Some making-of featurettes show Foley artists at work.

The term "Foley artist" is named after Jack Foley, one of the earliest and best-known Hollywood practitioners of the art. Foley began his career in the film industry as a stand-in and screenwriter during the silent era, and later helped Universal make the transition from silent movies to talkies.

The Universal Studios Hollywood theme park presented a demonstration of a Foley artist in its "World of Cinemagic" feature.

How some effects are made

{| class="wikitable"!Effect!!How It's Made
Galloping horses ||Banging empty coconut shells together
Kissing||Kissing back of hand
Punching someone||Thumping watermelons
High heels||Artist walks in high heels on wooden platform
Bone-breaking blow||Breaking celery or bamboo or twisting a head of lettuce
Footsteps in snow||Squeezing a box of corn starch
"Star Wars" sliding doors||Pulling a piece of paper from an envelope
"Star Trek" sliding doors||Flare gun plus sneakers squeak
Bird flapping its wings||Flapping a pair of gloves
Grass or leaves crunching||Balling up audio tape
Car crash || shaking a metal box filled with wood and metal scraps
- Fire || Rapid opening and closing of an umbrella along with the crackle of thick cellophane}

ee also

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* Audio signal processing
* Old-time radio
* Voice Foley


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