Pedicle or pedicel may refer to:
* Pedicle (anatomy), the segment between the transverse process and the vertebral body, and is often used as a radiographic marker and entry point in vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty procedures
*Pedicle (zoology), a fleshy line used to attach and anchor brachiopods and some bivalve mollusks to a substrate
*Pedicel (botany), the stalk of an individual flower
*Pedicle (cervidae), the attachment point for antlers in cervids
*Pedicel (antenna), the second segment of the antenna in the class Insecta, where the Johnston's organ is found
*Pedicel or petiole (insect), the stem formed by a restricted abdominal segment which connects the thorax with the gaster (the remaining abdominal segments) in the suborder Apocrita; see also petiole
*Congo Pedicle, an area of DR Congo jutting into Zambia
* Zaire Pedicle, used for 'Congo Pedicle' during the time that DR Congo was called Zaire
*Congo Pedicle road, serving Zambian provinces either side of the Congo Pedicle

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